The stunning showhomes at Shopwyke Lakes offer the latest interior design inspiration for house hunters.

Designer Joanne Davies Jones from Phoenix Interior Design shares her inspiration and provides her top tips for creating your own show-stopping showhome style. 

What was your inspiration for the showhome design at Shopwyke Lakes?

We were inspired to create contemporary luxe schemes, using forest green with a selection of metallic finishes. This was a great colour to use on this development as it reflects the green open space that surrounds it, bringing the outside in.


How do you go about creating the showhome look?

Firstly, we develop a concept that we can follow throughout the house. This is created by choosing a colour palette and gathering a selection of inspirational images. We then research on-trend furniture pieces, wallpapers and fabrics that help us to achieve the right look. Finally, we select accessories and artwork to help pull the whole schemes together.

Talk us through how you created the overall theme and how this was carried through in each of the rooms?

We knew that forest green was going to be the main colour used within the showhomes so that was our starting point. The metal detailing was introduced through furniture, lighting and accessories. The metals were used to create warmth and add touches of luxury to the schemes.

We used the forest green shade within each room but in different ways. For example, some rooms have a green headboard or striking wallpaper, others just have a green accent chair and cushions, and some are more monochrome with green accessories. It was important not to go over the top as it’s a shade that can be quite overpowering.


Do you have a favourite room or feature?

My favourite room is the Minecraft-themed bedroom. Themed children’s rooms are always really fun to design and Minecraft is so popular at the moment. We incorporated the greens and browns synonymous with the game as well as using square and rectangular furniture and linear motifs in the fabrics.

What are your five top tips for those looking to create showhome style in their own property?

  1. Do some research on colour palettes and find one that catches your eye. Sticking to one main colour or a main colour and a complementary shade is the easiest way to create the show home look.


  1. Making sure the style of each room is consistent is very important as that is the key to creating a coherent scheme. Try to avoid having country style furniture in one room then contemporary in another.


  1. Light and mirrors are really important in changing how rooms feel. For example, mirrors can help to bounce light around room and create the illusion of more space.


  1. Declutter and stick to using a few curated and sentimental accessories. Showhomes always strike the balance of not being too bare or too cluttered.


  1. Feature wallpapers are also a common element in showhomes as they help to add interest to a room without being too ‘in your face’. You can create a more muted scheme by using a paper with a soft pattern and colour, or you can be more bold and experimental. Kids’ rooms are a great opportunity for a fun wallpaper or mural.


Visitors to Shopwyke Lakes can now make an appointment to view our stunning showhome. Find out more.


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