Aside from the proximity to transport links, amenities, schools and greenspace, broadband access is a key component of any new home. The more we depend on the internet and technology, the more important fast broadband becomes, which is why 99.99% of Cala homebuyers enjoy same-day connections.

We spoke with the Broadband Genie, who has provided the below guide, explaining the broadband options in your Cala home, and how you can get the most out of it once you’ve moved in.

What broadband is available in my new Cala home?

Cala homes come with broadband already connected. The Cala sales team will provide you with an outline of exactly the type of broadband you have when you reserve your new home. It will be superfast fibre broadband from Sky, Hyperoptic or Grain, depending on where you live. A good postcode checker will also show you what broadband deals are available in your new area.

Before moving into your new home

When you have secured your new Cala property, preparing your broadband for the move is as important as preparing everything else.

Inform your current provider

As soon as you have a move-in date, you should inform your current provider of the move. This gives them maximum notice of you ending the contract or planning to move broadband to your new address.

What if I’m already a Sky, Hyperoptic or Grain customer?

If you already have a contract with Sky, Hyperoptic or Grain, you can move your contract to your new home. If you’re still within the fixed term part of your contract, moving it is probably easiest.

Moving into a new home is a good opportunity to review your contract to upgrade your service or find a cheaper deal. If you’re with Sky, you can compare the best Sky deals here.

If the fixed term part is over, you may benefit from renegotiating or seeing what else is available as you could save money.

Setting up broadband in your new home

Once you move in, connecting broadband quickly becomes a priority. Fortunately, it’s a very simple process. 

The engineer will take care of the technical side, but we do have some tips to make the process easier.

Use signal boosters or powerline adapters

If you find the signal to be weak in certain areas of your property, consider using a signal booster or powerline adapter.

A signal booster plugs into the mains and boosts the WiFi signal from the router so it’s stronger.

A powerline adapter turns your home’s electrical grid into a mini wired network. Connect one plug to your router and place another close to where you need it. Use an Ethernet cable to join everything together and you have fast wired connectivity with minimal effort!

However, all Cala homes are thoughtfully designed and wired correctly to ensure strong signals.

Check for updates regularly

Whenever you log into your router or change something, check for a firmware update for the router. Providers release firmware updates periodically to improve security, add features or to fix bugs. Keeping your router updated is important, however this tends to be done automatically. 

Troubleshooting slow broadband connections

If your broadband seems to be running slow for some reason, troubleshooting is easier than you might think.

  1. Check who else is using the internet at the time
  2. See who is connected to WiFi by checking your router
  3. Run an online speed test to make sure you’re getting the speed you’re paying for
  4. Check WiFi signal strength using a WiFi analyser app

Most routers have a page that shows exactly who or what is connected to WiFi, so you can quickly tell who uses it. If lots of people are all using WiFi at the same time, that would slow things down too. 

Online speed tests will show you exactly how fast your upload and download speeds are. Clarify your package speed by contacting your provider. If you’re getting close to what you’re paying for, continue troubleshooting at home.

If you’re not getting what you pay for, contact the provider and ask them to fix it.

You will need to give the provider an opportunity to identify the problem and fix it before taking action. If they cannot fix it, you may be entitled to switch broadband contracts without a penalty.

My broadband isn’t working

If you move into your Cala home and the broadband isn’t working by the end of the day or when you asked for it to be activated, follow up with the provider.

Use the contact links above and talk to someone about the connection. Delays are rare but they do happen and that is likely what has happened. If the provider is unable to assist, please contact your local Cala customer service team.

With broadband being such an important aspect of our lives, we do everything we can to provide the fastest, most affordable options possible. We think it’s all part of providing an amazing new home experience.

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