With summer well and truly on the way, we can’t help but think of garden party decorations and design ideas for our outdoor spaces. The nation's gardens, patios and balconies - often left feeling unloved after the long cold winter months - are becoming a top priority.

Being able to enjoy our gardens with friends, family and neighbours is one of the best things about the warmer weather, providing a host of opportunities for al fresco entertaining, outdoor lounging, garden parties (and even your new WFH spot!).

So, move over interior design... to make the most of your outdoor spaces this year, we’ve pulled together our top exterior design tips to get your garden spring/summer ready!


Top garden party decoration ideas

Take the inside out, not outside in!

We all know the trend for bringing greenery and plants into our homes is booming, but as the weather improves, why shouldn’t it be the other way round? Utilising your outdoor space as an extension of your living, dining or office space can really help you make the most of the warmer months - whether you’re entertaining, eating, working or working out.

You could install a retractable awning to your patio - creating an alfresco outdoor dining or exercise space - so you're braced for whatever the weather brings. Another big trend is creating a garden living room, complete with outdoor garden furniture, cushions, blankets and a fire pit to keep guests cosy late into the summer nights.


Setting the bar high to make a garden party feel special

This gorgeous garden bar at our Beaulieu development in Essex shows how a bespoke garden room has the potential to turn your friends and family green with envy. It has all the ingredients for a great night out, without leaving home.

Creating a space to entertain whatever the weather, outdoor rooms are ideal for get togethers. Depending on their size, garden rooms have the added bonus of often not requiring planning permissions, too.

They can also be adaptable – a corner of the garden room could be for entertaining, with the other half dedicated to a calm working environment. Office by day... bar by night!


Flippin’ great pizzas

Although BBQs are a great excuse to get family and friends together, nothing can quite beat a pizza party. Woodfired ovens have boomed in popularity in recent years, giving lovers of the Italian staple the chance to create woodfired pizzas in the comfort of their own outdoor garden. No more burnt sausages!


Keep it toasty with a fire pit

Not all summer nights stay balmy into the later hours. After a day of basking in the sunshine, a firepit can be a great focal point for your guests to gather around whilst keeping nice and toasty. Did someone say s’mores?


Build a picture-perfect pergola

You can quickly make a statement in your garden party paradise with a pergola. Even simple structures purchased online can have an immediate impact. They instantly create zones, add definition and improve privacy within your garden.

You could also consider recycling or upcycling materials or old furniture to give them a second life in your garden. Using old wood cut-offs to create your own pergola-like structure, adding cushions to an unwanted palette or a lick of outdoor paint to a long-forgotten chair can create a gorgeous feature.

Pergolas can be ornately built, with permanent or retractable roofs (covering a hot tub perhaps), or can be simple and left open to the elements; giving climbing plants the chance to take over.

Comfy outdoor garden furniture set under a pergola and paired with some candles and mood lighting has all the makings of a romantic and opulent Bridgerton-style garden party at home.


Use plants to bring your garden party to life

What better way to add wow-factor to your outdoor space than with the best décor there is – stunning plants, flowers and greenery. Dedicating part of your garden to wildflowers can add a splash of colour, and there’s a growing trend for ‘tapestry’ lawns, which use lots of different types of mowing-tolerant grasses, making them both good for encouraging biodiversity and making a strong aesthetic statement.

Jewel-coloured flowers can add a stunning flourish to your outdoor entertaining, and there are even plants with coloured stems and leaves to add to the kaleidoscope. These all have the added benefit of being very attractive to bees and other pollinators.

Adding natural features such as rock and stone gardens, logs, ponds and longer grasses are also great ways to draw the eye in your garden, while being wildlife-friendly. Read our blog for more top tips to help wildlife and plant life flourish in your garden .


For more inspiration on garden party ideas, check out our garden design tips for creating a showhome worthy garden.


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