Here's everything to help you organise your move. 

Moving house can be a hectic time, whether you are moving into your first home or into your tenth, the process can be stressful. During this period of upheaval it can be easy to forget some of the essential must-do tasks that need to be completed while moving home. 
To help you out, we at Cala have put together a Moving House Checklist to help you organise your move, ensuring you remember all the important stuff. 

Well in advance of moving   

  • Check your notice period and resign (if necessary)
  • Register to a local dentist (if necessary)
  • Apply to schools local to your new property (if necessary)


The weeks leading up to moving day 

  • Book days off work  
  • Research removal firms and book  
  • Collect or order boxes and start packing  
  • Start decluttering- sell, donate or scrap 
  • Book people to carry out house cleaning, gardening, repairs etc.   
  • Inform relevant people of your new address/moving date 
    • Online shopping accounts 
    • TV streaming services 
    • Bank 
    • Water 
    • Gas 
    • Electricity 
    • Various insurance providers (life, house, car, pet) 
    • TV license 
    • HMRC 
    • DVLA 
    • Health services (GP, dentist) 
    • Work (if not changing jobs) 
    • The council  

Day or two before 

  • Defrost the freezer 
  • Unplug and disconnect the washing machine and dishwasher 
  • Ensure boxes are labelled with where you want them to go in your new home 
  • Drop pets off at a kennel, cattery or with a relative to ensure they are not in the way when movers are in and out 

On moving day/s 

  • Strip the bedding and wrap the mattress in a mattress cover 
  • Take down all curtains 
  • Ensure you have put valuables/fragile items in the car, so they don’t go in the truck 
  • Hand your old keys to the estate agent for the new owner 
  • Let cleaners in once the moving truck is loaded 
  • Take note and pictures of the meter readings (water, gas and electric) 


After moving in 

  • You may consider changing the locks (please note, there is no need to do this in a new Cala home)
  • Take note and pictures of the meter readings when you first move in 
  • Use a calming plug in for your pets (optional) 
  • Get your pets stuff out before they come home, this will help with the scent 
  • Keep cats in for 2-3 weeks 

You can also download and print your own copy of the checklist too: 
Download our Moving House Checklist 

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