For our first Social Spotlight blog of the year, we caught up with Gemma and Jason who are behind @thehouseofreginald on Instagram.


Q1. Hi Gemma and Jason, we think your IG account is great so we’re glad we can pick your brain a little! Can you tell us what made you choose a new build Cala home?
We had been stuck in a flat in central Edinburgh during the first Covid lockdown, and we got itchy feet to move out of the city and into a bigger space. We had lived in an older property previously, so initially we started looking at older homes. At the time, we didn’t consider a new build because we thought that only older houses have ‘character’. However, we quickly realised that old homes also mean bidding wars and more budget to modernise, so that’s when we started looking at new build homes. A blank canvas means you can add your own character, without the stress of renovation. We had always been interested in the area of East Lothian, and we luckily spotted that Cala had a new development with homes set to be released soon, so we were quick to get in touch.

Cala has always been top of our list for style and specification, and so much is included as standard and to such high quality, plus they have great customer service. We really love our home.

Q2. It seems like it was meant to be! Can you tell us what you love most about your Cala home?
The space is designed for easy, modern living. We picked The Dewar housetype because we absolutely loved the ground floor layout, it has a good-sized kitchen with a breakfast bar, the lounge has its own set of patio doors which face into the back garden for privacy too. We also think the main bedroom is just incredible. I’d always dreamed of transforming a bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe, but we have huge built-in wardrobes, so there’s no need. We really knew this house would work for us. There is plenty of room for a home office, and for friends and family to visit which is great.

We bought off-plan, so we didn’t see our home before we reserved, but we did manage to see the housetype a few months later at another development. I remember walking into the showhome, and it being more amazing than we could ever have imagined! Considering it is just myself, Jason and our two pets, we’ve really optimised the space.


Q3. How did you decide on the colour scheme and tile options for your kitchen?
We were able to pick every single option for the house in one sitting which was brilliant. At the time, we wanted to get it all done and dusted plus we were just so excited! However, if I could recommend one thing, it would be to take your time. The great thing is there are so many options with Cala. We wanted a shaker style kitchen, which Cala offer, and we wanted to keep the colour scheme fairly neutral, so it gave us more options when we moved in. With that in mind, our kitchen is dark grey with traditional oak flooring. We also knew we wanted to upgrade to Silestone, which gives a modern and elegant feel. It’s the perfect base to move into, and to add your own touches as time goes on.

Q4. Where do you find your inspiration?
Mostly from Instagram! There are so many beautiful home accounts that I follow which provide me with so much inspo. I follow a wide variety of different accounts, which all have different styles. I love seeing the amazing things that people can create. I also love the app Houzz, I remember looking at it daily for inspiration before we picked our options.


Q5. Do you have any current favourite trends?
I’ve really been pulled in when it comes to panelling. It all comes down to my previous comment about adding character, and in a new build, the world is your oyster! We’ve added some panelling in the home office and lounge, and we have other plans to add more to other rooms in the future. I do worry that sometimes it might just be a fad, but so long as you pick a timeless style, it’ll never go out of fashion. I’d say our style is a good mix of traditional and scandi. If we see something we like and its fits the space, we go for it.


Q6. What features of your home do you love best, and do you have a favourite room?
Yes, it’s easily the kitchen and living area. It's so easy to socialise with guests whilst one of us is making dinner, and we use the breakfast bar a lot too. Whilst the lounge feels more formal, the open plan living area is so cosy and spacious, especially in summer when we can have the bi-fold doors open.

I love our main bedroom too as it’s so spacious, and the second bedroom is also great as it has its very own en-suite, perfect for when we have guests over so they can have their own space.

Q7. What advice would you give to prospective buyers of a new Cala home?
The advice I’d give is to really think about how the space will suit your lifestyle. Think about what matters most to you in a house and put that at the very top of your list. For us, it was ALL about the kitchen. We wanted a spacious kitchen with a breakfast bar, and enough space for a large dining table. Sometimes you also have to make compromises too and take your time when it comes to picking your options, my advice is don’t rush it! Also think about what will work for you in the long term, is there space to grow if needed?


Q8. How simple was the process of buying your Cala home?

It was as simple as it can be, especially when it comes to buying a new home. Cala really explained everything so well to us, but also didn’t rush us at all. We had two properties to sell when we bought our new home, which sounds complicated on paper, but they were so understanding and willing to work with us to make sure that we got to the finish line. They were always on hand to answer any questions we had, and nothing went unanswered. Cala’s customer service has always been top notch.

Q9. How long did the process take from reserving your plot to moving into your new home?

We reserved in September 2020, and we were in our home by May 2021 – just one month later than planned, but delays can’t be helped, especially during a pandemic! Cala kept us informed as much as possible, and overall, the timeline was smooth.


Q10. Would you recommend buying with Cala, and what is your top tips to prospective buyers looking to making the move?

I would really recommend buying a Cala property. They were so quick in sorting any issues we had and keeping us informed throughout the process.. Don’t be put off by the idea of a new build, because every house was new at some point! Go and see showhomes if you’re not 100% sure, it will definitely help.


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