When thinking about moving, it is important to consider what qualities make up your ‘dream home’ vision.

If being able to choose as many options for your new home as possible is important to you, then buying a new build home off-plan may be the perfect option.

Buying off-plan is purchasing a property before it has been built. Whilst this may sound intimidating, buying earlier in the development comes with an array of advantages.

With Cala, off-plan buyers can secure their chosen property with as little as a 2.5% deposit depending on the development, with the remaining balance not due until construction is complete.


Benefits of a new build home

It should not be downplayed the sense of pride that comes with moving into a brand-new home that has not seen any previous owners.

New build homes are like a blank canvas; the fresh walls, flooring and unfurnished, untouched rooms make it incredibly easy to move into without having to majorly redecorate. Just simply move in, unpack and enjoy your new home.


A happy buyer from Fernleigh Park in Stratford Upon Avon, said: “There’s nothing quite like moving into a brand-new home, from newly-installed kitchens and bathrooms to the peace of mind knowing that your property is safe, energy efficient and low maintenance.”

Also, for many buyers, a new build home is the perfect opportunity to own a property, as it can be more cost-effective and offers value for money due to being built to a high-quality standard, requiring less maintenance or renovations than an older property. At Cala, we meet up to date, top-tier safety and sustainability standards and also ensure to create new communities in sought-after, popular locations across the UK.

In some cases, many buyers have seen long-term financial benefits of a new build home, due to being more energy efficient as they comply with the latest building regulations and use pioneering technologies, such as air source heat pumps.


We have a large variety of new build homes and apartments to suit every style of buyer, whether you are a working professional looking for a shorter commute to the office, or parents who need a bigger space for your growing family near the countryside.

Buying off-plan is often one of the best ways to be a step-ahead of the housing market and fellow buyers, and the selection of benefits is a great option for those who need additional time to get their finances in order, but have their sights firmly set.

Visit our homes for sale page to find out more about our homes across Scotland and England.

Homes for Sale

Choice of plot

A substantial benefit of buying an off-plan property is that you are given exclusive first-hand access to the plots available at a development, meaning you can choose your preferred house from those able to reserve on the development, ahead of time.

So, if you have your heart set on a four-bedroom, four-bathroom family home in the suburbs, or a penthouse apartment with panoramic views of the city, off-plan properties typically have less competition, so you are more likely to secure your first choice.



Buying off-plan means you can choose your own finishes for both your kitchen and bathrooms from our range of high-specification options, including colour palettes and tile choice.

Whether you have bought a new build home before or not, our experienced team of experts are on hand to help and will involve you every step of the way. Many customers say the selections meeting is one of the most exciting parts in the buying journey. Consider yourself an honorary Cala team member!



Benefits of a Cala home

Hundreds of individuals, couples and families alike choose a Cala home each year, and their decision is often cemented by the benefits of buying with us. We offer a range of buying incentives and services, such as Part Exchange, Own New and contributions to your Stamp Duty or LBTT, to help make your move happen.


A happy buyer from Murtle Den Park in Aberdeen said: “We chose our house off-plan. Throughout our journey we were looked after by Cala. They kept us up to date with progress and also helped when we chose our kitchen, tiles etc., and made the process easy and enjoyable. We have settled into our beautiful new Cala home we couldn‘t be happier.”

We know the process of buying a new home and moving can be overwhelming, so our dedicated and knowledgeable sales consultants are on hand to offer advice and guidance to make your experience with Cala as exciting and easy as possible.

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First time buyers make their dream move

First time buyers make their dream move

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Couple reserve first home during lockdown separation

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Couple up-size to Café Fields

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