Raise a formal complaint

The form below should be used to raise a formal complaint. The information you give will go to the regional Head or Director of Customer Service immediately.

Please note that this form should only be used for formal complaints about your Cala home. The contact information below can be used for snagging, emergency cover and complaints about staff behaviour.

Emergency Cover

Davies 24/7
Should you have an emergency and are within your Cala warranty period, please contact our 24 hour emergency service provider

Customer Service

Cala Homes South Home Counties
For non-emergency customer service enquiries please contact:

Cala Staff Complaints

Cala Group Limited
For complaints about Cala staff please contact:

What information should I include?

To help us resolve your complaint as effectively and as quickly as we can, please provide as much information as possible, including:

Names and addresses of any parties involved

Dates/times of any particular incidents

Details of any steps already taken to resolve the issue

Any supporting evidence you’d like to include

It would be extremely useful to us if you could detail what you would feel is an acceptable outcome.

Formal Complaints Form - South Home Counties

Formal Complaints Form

If applicable
We have a record of all previous communication with you, but please use this section to give any additional notes. Please also let us know what you would consider a reasonable outcome for your complaint.
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