What is Guaranteed Buyer and how does it work with Cala?

Guaranteed Buyer gives you a chance at achieving an open market price on your existing property with our offer (which is based on a quick sale) waiting in the wings if you need it.

Our Guaranteed Buyer offers are based on a realistic price to sell your current home in a short time frame, so may be less than we can offer you through our Part Exchange service.

The main benefits of our Guaranteed Buyer Service are:

  • If the Cala home you have set your heart on is four months or more away from being fully built and your home is not yet sold, Cala may be able to make an offer that you can fall back on if you don’t sell as easily as you thought.
  • We effectively act as a cash buyer that waits in the wings in case your home hasn’t sold by the back-up date that you agree with us.
  • You can market your existing property as usual, at a price that you set with the estate agent.
  • If your existing property sells before the back-up date, we will give you the pre-agreed alternative incentive.
  • If your existing property does not sell before the back-up date, we will buy it from you at the originally agreed price with the same legal completion date as your new Cala home.

Guaranteed Buyer not suitable for you?

If your existing property has a higher valuation than your Cala Home we will be unable to offer you a back-up, part exchange offer. However, we can offer expert help to sell through our Assisted Move Service. With Assisted Move you don't have to wait for an offer on your existing property before reserving your dream Cala Home. This service could also help you save money on your selling agent’s fees and home buyer report costs (where applicable).

Assisted Move Service 

Where do I start with Guaranteed Buyer?

Relax, you have a guaranteed buyer

Why buy a new home from Cala?

There’s nothing quite like moving into a brand-new home. From newly installed kitchens and bathrooms to the peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe, energy efficient and low maintenance.

What’s more, you’re buying a complete blank canvas on which to stamp your own individual style. Take a look at our top reasons to buy a new home below.

Less Maintenance

Opting for a new build home means less maintenance and cost compared to older houses. Modern construction ensures durability, minimising the need for constant repairs. Enjoy a low-maintenance lifestyle and the peace of mind that your home is designed for longevity, freeing up your time and money for what matters most.

Purchase your home from a plan and tailor it to your own individual taste. Choose from a range of high-quality kitchens and bathrooms, with customisable styles, colors, and finishes that reflect your personal preferences.

Your new home is covered by an NHBC or similar industry-regulated insurance scheme covering the structural integrity of your new home from years three to 10.

The first two years of the warranty is provided by us. This means we take responsibility for fixing any quality issues during this period after you move in. We also provide you a 24-hour response service for emergency calls. We take personal pride in our customer service.

Homeowners | NHBC

Peace of Mind Built In

A new build home allows you to make it your own. When you move into a new home, there’s no need to live with other people’s decorating disasters! Your light, spacious and neutral interior is the perfect blank canvas on which to create a home to suit your individual taste and lifestyle.

Choosing a new home means embracing advanced energy efficiency. With superior insulation and modern energy-saving features, your new property outperforms older homes, ensuring not just comfort but also cost savings over time. Make a smart investment in a home that aligns with contemporary standards for sustainable living.

Tackle Energy Use

Prioritising prime locations, we meticulously select sustainable sites that offer convenient access to local schools, amenities, and robust transport links. Our focus on strategic placement ensures that your new home is not just a residence but a gateway to a well-connected and vibrant community. Choose the advantage of a location that complements your lifestyle while contributing to the long-term value of your investment.

Experience a chain-free move with our Part Exchange service. Say goodbye to the complications of being stuck in a chain, saving both time and money. Discover more about this hassle-free option and explore the convenience through our Part Exchange calculator.

Cala's up to 100% Part Exchange Service

Rest assured in the safety of your new home. Built with the safety in mind, our new homes comply with the latest Health and Safety standards and feature modern consumer units, well-positioned sockets, multi-point locks, and mains-powered smoke alarms. Your peace of mind is a priority, and our commitment to safety ensures that your home is a secure haven for you and your family.

Join a vibrant new community when you choose one of our developments. Whether showcasing modern or traditional architecture, our designs are crafted to nurture a strong sense of community. Experience the satisfaction of becoming a valued part of a neighborhood where connection and camaraderie thrive.

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