Connecting you to a WFH lifestyle

With the past few years having a lasting impact on the working habits of millions across the UK, our homes have become more than a place to live – they are often also a place to work.  

Both employees and employers are seeing the benefits of working from home, in terms of productivity, cost savings, environmental impact and individual health and wellbeing.

At Cala, we know that having your broadband set up to optimise working from home is so important, not to mention essential for keeping the family happy on their various devices.

Being able to easily install internet, log on and be well connected has become crucial, and so we have ensured that you are good to go, from the word go, when it comes to broadband and moving house, allowing you to embrace the WFH lifestyle in your Cala home.

Instant broadband when moving house

When moving into a new home, there might be trepidation about internet installation. With Cala, there’s no need to worry, as we provide hyperoptic broadband connectivity as standard across the majority of our developments, pre-fitted and activated to offer gigabit-enabled internet with consistent speed regardless of the time of day, devices connected or how many people in your household are online.

We have arrangements in place with leading broadband providers, including Openreach, to ensure that our customers are offered the best deal and extra services. For example, we have launched ‘instant Sky’ in our homes, which means your property can be set up with Sky TV and broadband services in advance so that you can simply plug in and surf, work or watch the minute you move in.

That’s a big plus for those whose home working can’t be interrupted and takes away the stress of waiting days or even weeks for an engineer to install broadband and set up internet connectivity.

Getting set up for a smooth broadband install

When moving house and preparing for your dream Cala home, its best to start the internet set up process three weeks before your completion date. This will ensure your broadband install is all set for your arrival. What’s more, it’s even possible to have a BT analysis of the ideal broadband set-up for homes across many of our developments, so speak to your customer service advisor to find out more.

Designed with WFH and wellbeing in mind

As well as having quick broadband set up at your fingertips, our homes have been carefully designed and laid out to support your working from home needs. 50 per cent of Cala homes have a dedicated study, including most of our four- and five-bedroom properties. Where a study is harder to accommodate, for example in some of our three-bedroom homes, the smallest bedroom will be ready for easy home working. This means an additional hardwired data point for speedy internet set up, as well as plenty of sockets to make connecting a simple task.

To ensure that our customers can strike that all-important work/life balance, we have also designed our homes to provide flexible spaces that allow you to get into, and more importantly, out of the ‘work zone’. You can find out more about how our homes are designed with family wellbeing in mind here.

Now that you’re prepared for a smooth internet set up, read our top tips for creating the perfect home working environment.

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