Buckler's Park Community Pledge

We are committed to bringing added value and meaningful benefit to the communities in which we build, not just through the homes we create, but by investing and enhancing in the very essence of what brings a local community together. Our pledges bring together a host of bespoke measures for each local community including activities, donations, initiatives, volunteering drives and much more.

Showhome of Support at Cala at Buckler's Park - The Brook

We are spotlighting local businesses in our showhome at Cala at Buckler’s Park – The Brook, showcasing local talent and businesses, and the new community we are now part of. From Artwork and accessories to furniture and fabrics, we aim to bring a real unique flavour of what this area has to offer.

Here are some of the fantastic local businesses you will see showcased at Cala at Buckler’s Park – The Brook.

Inspiredbycollection | Maya’s Refillables | Byzantiumboutique | Acia Eco and Vegan Wax, Candles and Melts | LM Designs | Maison Rustic  | FSmillinery | Sweet Tiger | The Hive Craft beer  | Two Sisters


Step inside our showhome of support
Showhome of support products at Cala at Buckler's Park - The Brook

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