Interiors experts give top tips for creating the ‘wow’ factor in your home

With many workplaces now empty amid the current lockdown, many people are spending their days at home, with thoughts turning to DIY projects. With this newfound time indoors, there’s never been a more opportune time to find interiors inspiration, making simple changes that can give your home the wow factor.

To suggest just a few current trends and ideas, two interiors experts who style Cala Homes’ renowned show homes in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire have revealed their top tips for recreating the showhome look in your own abode. 

Here, Eileen Kesson from Envision and Felicity Stevens from Haus Interiors, explain how Cala’s exquisite style can be brought to life in any property… 

Feeling blue isn’t a bad thing

Felicity Stevens says: “A huge colour trend for 2020 so far has been the use of tranquil and relaxing shades of blue, which can create a calming yet elegant living space in which to unwind. The use of blue and navy accents in Cala’s Oatfield showhome at Craigton Mews in Cults draws inspiration from this trend and highlights how a subtle touch of colour can lift and tie a space together. 

“Brighter or electric blues are ideal for a work from home office space as well, as the bold tone can help instil a feeling a vitality in your new office oasis. In the Craigton Mews show home, we chose complementary shades such as burnt orange and gold to provide contrasts to blues, ideal for creating a stylish and contemporary space.”  


Bring your colour scheme down to earth

Felicity Stevens said: “One way to create a really fluid, calming feel to a home – especially if you live in a flat or smaller house – is to try and tie the colour scheme of spaces together, rather than creating a patchwork of different colours in each room. In Cala’s Craibstone Estate apartment show home in Aberdeen, we’ve done this by using a base of luxurious soft, natural, earthy tones throughout, with soft golden touches which can provide a grounded warmth to any home.

“By running a consistent theme throughout the show home, complemented by metallic and matte tones, we’ve created a sense of calm and luxury. You can of course amplify your personality onto the neutral base with the help of some striking colour or artwork accents which can really help your home to feel like a reflection of you.” 

Bring the outdoors indoors

Eileen Kesson said: “There’s no better way to escape the feeling of being stuck indoors than creating an interior space that brings the outdoors through the front door. Adding touches of nature to your rooms can make them feel bright, airy and uplifting. 

“At Cala’s Cleland showhome at its Southbank development in Aberdeen we’ve used the nature trend alongside another trend for using wall murals in the bedroom, which are both simple styles to recreate in your own home. The bedroom has a stunning leafy panoramic behind the bed that really gives a sense of the outdoors.” 


Be brave, be bold

Eileen Kesson said: “A wonderful way to bring a room to life without the décor being overwhelming is to add bold-coloured accessories or graphic prints to a more neutral base. At Cala’s Darroch showhome at The Grove in Inverurie, we’ve done just that and it’s a simple look to recreate using your own favourite colours or patterns.

“In the kitchen, dining and family area we’ve chosen an ochre colour pop in the dining chairs and sofa cushions, while the living room has an eye-catching monochrome motif, and a bold graphic wallpaper which is striking without taking over the room.”

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