Cala Homes works with an expert team of interior designers across the UK to create aspirational showhomes with that real wow factor. Here, we interview one of our design partners and co-founder of Haus Interiors, Felicity Stevens, on her home styling predictions for the coming year…

What decorating style is in this year?
You can expect to see a movement towards clean and timeless interiors. By this, we mean uncluttered and clean-cut – yet with a homely twist. Spending time indoors has pushed us all to look at how we are living. We are pining for calming surroundings that complement our lives, whether we’re working from home, home schooling or simply spending time with the family. The cottagecore trend is a great example of this, with interiors inspired by nature-filled, simple and caring characteristics.

What can you tell us about what’s in colour-wise?
Brave Ground by Dulux and Timeless Blues by Farrow & Ball are key examples of how the new trends highlighted above are filtering into our colour palettes. Other than these two key colours, we will be looking to use dusty tones which are complemented by natural woods and earthy textures.

Brave Ground from Dulux

Timeless Blues from Farrow & Ball


What fascinating insights from your suppliers can you share with us?
Our suppliers are really focusing on texture; not just confined to fabrics, but in wall coverings and furnishings too. Woven rugs, textured facades on furniture and fabric-based table lamps are the sorts of things we’ve seen much more of. This trend aligns well with our values, as we like to apply texture in creative ways, such as raw linens within our window treatments, weaves and herringbones for our upholstery fabrics, and brushed/antiqued metallics to lighting fixtures.

What’s the one big thing we can expect to see lots of in 2021?
Throughout the coming year, we can expect to see the cottagecore trend unfold further. With the warmer months, we expect to start finding a heavier focus on ‘bringing the outside in’ and combining those lovely natural woods and textured fabrics with indoor potted plants and flowers. But as we all know, trends are forever changing and it’s really important we embrace this on a daily basis.

And what’s the one big thing that is out?
I always feel uncomfortable defining what interior trends are “out” as there is always a place for everything. Interior design is a fantastic way of expressing ourselves, and building an interior around how we live is incredibly important. Despite the earthier trends and textures coming through, we can’t discount colour and structured forms.

Take a look at how interior design trends have evolved over the decades, and even consider how homes may look in the 2050s.

What’s your personal must-buy for this year?
Gorgeous textured throws! That’s my personal must-buy for this year – and probably every year in all honesty. They can transform an old sofa, dining bench or bed. A good tip that I always follow is to look for throws that are reversible. That way, depending on your mood, you can change the look of a room quickly and easily.

Thinking of 2021, where do you stand on the following interior staples?

1. Kitchen island or kitchen table?
This is totally personal preference. If you need the extra storage space, you won’t get that from a dining table. When it comes to big decisions like this, be realistic about how you live, as opposed to focussing on the aesthetics! You can add the finishing touches later.

2. Paint or wallpaper?
Paint. Although I am a lover of wallpaper, paint is cost-effective and easy to change. There are so many ways you can paint a wall; it can be layered, or you can try a strip of paint, rather than painting a full wall. The creative possibilities are endless.

3. Blinds or curtains?
Curtains; depending on the room, they can really help to soften it. You can add so much impact by introducing a wall of fabric into your room.

4. Carpets or hard floors?
This is a difficult one. Aesthetically, I love a hard floor; plus they’re easy to clean. But there is something about a lovely soft texture under your feet. I am all about creating homely and cosy interiors – and carpet is the perfect starting point.

5. Art or family photos?
Both – it is so important that you have a bit of each. I feel so strongly about interiors being a representation of you, your character and how you live; so why stop with the art? If you want to keep old pieces or family photos but find that they don’t really go with your scheme, then focus more on the frame, mount and location, rather than the content.

The beauty of a new build home is that it offers a blank canvas upon which you can stamp your own style, giving you the opportunity to fashion your own interior scheme from scratch. Why not find out more about Cala developments in your region? Your dream home could be closer than you think.

Cala imagery from Priors Crescent in Salford Priors, Warwickshire, designed by Haus Interiors.

Image sources: Dulux; Farrow & Ball

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