As we all fully embrace autumn, you might want to pick up some tips and tricks to turn over a new leaf when it comes to the décor in your home.

We know that trends change as fast as the seasons so we’ve teamed up with Jez Cooper, Head of Design at Interiors by Abode, to offer interior inspiration that will make sure you ‘fall’ on the right side of the latest autumnal trends.

Here are Jez’s autumn insights…


Plants and plant substitutes

The trend of bringing the outside inside has really transitioned into autumn too, with homeowners using plants, dried grasses and greenery to spruce up their homes. This can either be the real deal with environmentally-friendly wild decorations, or artificial foliage is as popular as ever.

The most common example of these are plant-based decorations, either in the form of real or fake potted plants or strings of leaves and green wall panels, that can be placed around the home to brighten it up and make it seem fresher and more spacious. Alternatively, you can use large artwork of natural scenes and environments to provide the natural touch that is desired this season.       

Fire pits and fireplaces

Autumn is bringing the heat to many people’s artistic flair as they opt for fire-related aesthetics across their home. The most common method of introducing this fiery touch for most is through the creation of fire pits in the garden, and statement fireplaces indoors to bring warmth and depth to your décor.

A fire pit can help make your garden more accessible and useful while it’s cold, helping you to make the most of your property all year round. It creates an ideal feature in any garden and is perfect for dry autumnal evenings.

Fireplaces not only look amazing, creating a great focal point in the living room, but help create a cosy ambience and gorgeous glow as we get into the colder months.


One of the cheapest yet most effective ways of adding detail to your home décor this autumn is by using candlesticks. This way, you can add a pop of colour and brighten up your space throughout the darker nights ahead. Besides, candles are very atmospheric, add a calming touch to the home and create a scent that makes visitors feel right at home.

Warm tones and earthy colours

When it comes to autumn and redecorating, natural colours such as muted greens, rust, and slaty blue tones, along with soft plaster, are on the rise for painting walls and accessorising your home. Earthy natural tones basically personify curling up in front of a log burner with a cosy blanket.

These earthy colours can provide a more natural and spacious feel to the home, especially in more urbanised areas like cities and towns. As a result, the popularity of these colour schemes has really taken off in recent months, making it the perfect plan for your home this autumn.

Bring the outdoors in

In line with the newfound desire to make rooms appear more natural and spacious, many are opting to use garden furniture inside for a more rustic and down-to-earth feel - or at least, some are replacing their sleeker dining pieces with a more rustic ‘outside look’ table.

According to Apartment Therapy, “there’s nothing wrong with using outdoor furniture indoors. In many ways, it’s a smart move. Pieces created with outside use in mind are typically built to withstand things like wind, moisture, and extreme temperatures.”

As well as opening up your home and making the blend between house and garden more natural, this plan works wonders for the overall tranquillity of your household - as well as often providing cheaper, more sturdy and sustainable alternatives to traditional furniture.

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