Almost a third of Cala customers make use of our Part Exchange service. It offers an easier way to move, giving homebuyers the certainty of a chain-free solution. And with no estate agents’ fees or marketing costs associated with the sale of your property, it can also save thousands of pounds.

Helpful information about how Part Exchange works is available and our handy Part Exchange calculator can provide a quick indication on how much you could potentially save by using this service. But if you’ve already completed your research and would just like to see how it has worked for others, take a look at these five Cala purchasers and hear what they have to say about Part Exchange.


Avoiding a collapsed chain

Neil Fennell, an engineer for an automotive company, and his wife Philippa, head of department at a college, moved across Warwickshire from Stratford-upon-Avon to Salford Priors on the hunt for a more peaceful and relaxed way of life.

The couple were looking for an easy and stress-free move after a previous purchase on their former home fell through. They were quick to make the most of our Part Exchange service to facilitate their move.

Neil said: “We had originally sold our home in Stratford-upon-Avon last year, but on the day of exchange our buyers pulled out. We started our house hunt again, keen to move out of our old home which we had begun to fall out of love with.

“At Priors Crescent we were made aware of Cala’s Part Exchange service and were eager to make the most of the opportunity, to prevent the potential disappointment of another collapsed chain. The process was stress-free and we had the peace of mind all along that the sale would go through.

“As the middle of March 2020 approached and the prospect of a lockdown became very real, Cala was able to get us into our new home quickly and easily. The scheme worked perfectly for us and enabled us to be in our brand new home that we absolutely love.

“For us, a lot of what made the Part Exchange process so seamless is the superb Cala staff, who handle everything for you. They’re what make it truly hassle-free.”

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Eliminating stress during a difficult time

2020 was a difficult year for most – and moving house during that time needed to be as stress-free as possible, especially with three young children in tow. A stress-free move is exactly what Cala offered Beau Steele and her family of five when she moved to our Audley Chase development in Earl’s Colne, Essex, using Part Exchange.

Beau comments: “We weren’t in a rush and had no pressure to move as we were waiting for the right home. But then the Cala Homes part exchange service at Audley Chase was presented to us, which completely changed our perspective, for the better, on what we were looking for.”

“I was a little anxious initially about moving house and the whole part exchange service; it’s something I’ve never done before and wasn’t even considering when we started looking. But when we found out more about the service, it removed all the additional hassle and stress. It straightaway eliminated the chain and made it a relatively uncomplicated process for us, which I was delighted about.”

Meeting with the Cala Homes team at Earls Colne, Beau, who works in the criminal justice system, was completely put at ease from the outset and knew she’d made the right decision. Buying their five bedroom house just before lockdown, they moved in during July 2020 and were thrilled at the finish of the newly-built home.

Beau, aged 43, continues: “I can’t speak highly enough of the Cala team. The end-to-end management has been exceptional. Looking back, having started the part exchange process quite anxious, I now can’t believe how easy it was. All of the people involved were friendly, personable and in touch as much as possible, removing all of the negotiation. Nothing was too much of an ask, despite the pandemic looming over us all.”

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Moving in time for Christmas

Best friends Camille Ploszynski and Grace Tanner, both 27, have taken the phrase “just around the corner” to a new level, as they now live literally next door to each other at our Hopefield Grange development in Benson, Oxfordshire.

Moving in just before Christmas 2019, the two friends didn’t initially plan on being side by side for the foreseeable; but fate played its part.

Camille recalls: “My husband and I were expecting our second baby and went to have a look at the new Hopefield Grange development where Grace had just bought a house. As soon as we did, that was it for us. It was exactly what we were after.”

“We viewed the show home and then saw the last plot in that style. I sent a photo to Grace and of course it was the house right next door to hers. We both couldn’t believe it!”

Having two young sons each, it was never their plan to raise their families as neighbours. Grace grew up locally but couldn’t afford to buy in an Oxfordshire village when expecting her first son, but always dreamed of moving back there. Camille lived in Berkshire but always had aspirations of buying in a village.

Grace comments: “A massive selling point for both of us was the Part Exchange service on offer at Cala. It made the process quick and stress-free – and we were both paid market value for our properties. It all felt a little too good to be true.

“The service we received was second to none. We both moved in just before Christmas, within six weeks of putting down a reservation fee, and it was amazing to spend the festive period in our new homes.”

Now settled in to life as neighbours, both couldn’t imagine living anywhere else, next to anyone else.


Moving for schooling

Lynette, her husband Steven, and their two daughters, 10-year-old Rebecca and 18-month-old Blossom, were previously living in Northamptonshire. When they found their perfect home at our Eden Park development in Rugby, we were able to pull out all the stops to make sure that their move was free of any complications.

Lynette explains: “We lived in Northamptonshire for about 15 years in a 25-year-old property. We made the decision to move further north as we wanted to be within the catchment area for some of the grammar schools in Warwickshire. With Rebecca going into her final year of primary school that September, it was important for us to give her the best chance.”

Once the decision to move was made, they were able to complete and move into their new Rugby home in just eight weeks, thanks to using our Part Exchange service.

Lynette said: “We didn’t know much about Part Exchange, but the sales team gave us plenty of knowledge and advice on how it works and how it could really help us. They made us a sensible offer on our current property and we soon realised this would be the ideal solution for us. Had we not used Part Exchange, we would have been waiting for our house to sell before we could make a move; so this just took the weight off our shoulders.”

After moving to Eden Park in May 2019, the family quickly settled into semi-rural life and are enjoying their new routine.

Lynette adds: “We’ve settled in really well to our new home. Rebecca is really enjoying her new primary school, as well as her gorgeous en-suite bedroom which will be perfect for her as she grows older.”

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Relocating back to the UK

Retiring in 2005, Peter, 75, and wife Jane, 67, wanted a change of pace and moved abroad to enjoy the delights of what Cyprus had to offer. Having purchased a house for their daughter before moving away, they soon realised they would need a bigger property to come back to upon returning at the start of 2020.

Peter says: “It was an amazing time being away and enjoying the lifestyle and weather that Cyprus presented to us. But after 14 years, we thought the time was right to return to the UK and be closer to family and friends.

“We were looking for a five bedroom house with plenty of space, but with the smallest of fuss in moving as we didn’t want to go through the hassle of a chain. We’d heard of the Cala Homes Part Exchange service and became seriously interested once we found out more about it. We were more than happy to proceed and exchange our existing property.”

Starting sale proceedings in May 2020, contracts were completed that August and they moved in shortly after.

Peter continues: “With Cala’s service and support, everything fell perfectly into place. We love the size of the house and our new surroundings; and we couldn’t have asked for a better process and helpful transition in returning to live in the UK. Now we’ve settled in, we’re thoroughly enjoying our wonderful new home.”

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Part Exchange saves family’s house move

Part Exchange saves family’s house move

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Cala Homes' part exchange helps family secure move to Rugby

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Why Part Exchange could be your best move this year

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