The power of three storey living in today’s world

Throughout history, the number three has held unique significance. In Greek philosophy, the number is considered a perfect number – portraying harmony, wisdom and understanding.

It is therefore no surprise that townhouse living – spanning three floors – continues to be a popular housetype for a range of home buyers, despite first gaining popularity in the Victorian era.

New three storey homes are built with today’s world in mind. At Cala, townhouses are becoming increasingly popular across our UK developments, with a range of different buyers snapping them up for reasons all tied to modern ways of living.

And they are in good company – celebrities have long favoured townhouses, with royals Princess Beatrice and Eduardo Mapelli Mozzi, and Hollywood legends such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Lawrence enjoying the dizzy heights of three storeys.



Demand has been driven recently by more home working, in addition to a growing number of stepfamilies and multi-family households – the fastest growing household type in the UK, according to the ONS (Office for National Statistics). Families and households are continuously changing shape which is one of the reasons why a townhouse may be the perfect solution as families can adapt this home however is best for the structure of their household.

So, what is the appeal of living in the ‘power of three’? In our opinion, the answer is more relevant now than it has ever been before - flexibility, adaptability and the opportunity to section off various elements of daily life. Here are our top reasons to opt for townhouse living:


  1. Flexibility and Adaptability

Townhouses offer the opportunity to adapt your space and use rooms as you need them, instead of more prescriptive standard two-storey homes. Whether you need an additional living space, a playroom or a space to work from home, a townhouse is easily adaptable to all family dynamics, and room uses can be altered as the family evolves.  

This is a home that adapts with the purchaser as it can flex to their lifestyle changes and as their family grows – for example, a nursery can become a playroom, morph into an office, or transform into a gym. A ‘forever home’ can sound cliché but with this much flexibility, this housetype really does cater for growth and makes it simple to switch up rooms to suit your needs at a specific time.

  1. Extra storey equates to extra space

Homebuyers can enjoy a feeling of more space thanks to the third-floor footprint, which is great for those looking to use their homes for different purposes. For those always wishing for additional space, the extra floor gives an opportunity to create that coveted dressing room, or perhaps a toy room heaven to ‘hide’ the kids’ toys out of sight from the rest of the home. Whatever the purpose, the top floor is the perfect space to fulfil what the heart desires – the possibilities are endless.

  1. Opportunity to create your haven

For those looking for a haven away from all the hustle and bustle of the home, the sanctuary of the top floor could be the perfect answer, offering great views from above and a sense of peace and quiet, removed from the hub of the kitchen and main living areas.

At Cala, we have witnessed a shift in this ever-growing preference of living, with more townhouses within our developments across the UK than ever before, and with many more in the pipeline set to be built in the coming months.


Southwood Mews, Farnborough, Hampshire

One development within our portfolio which showcases the three-storey lifestyle is Southwood Mews in Farnborough which features The Lindbergh, a detached townhouse ideal for growing families.

This housetype spans 1,653 sq.ft and offers four spacious bedrooms split across the top two levels, allowing homebuyers to decide how best to adapt this home to suit their needs.

The Lindbergh showhome is now available to view so potential purchasers can get a glimpse of the flexible and contemporary living on offer, with prices starting from £635,000.


Expert insight

Steve Rule, our Group Design and Technical Director, said: “Townhouse living is far from a passing trend, in fact it has been popular for centuries and this style is a classic within British architecture and design. Post pandemic, buyers are more discerning and clearer about what they need their homes to be able to do for them – townhouse living really fits the bill.

“It offers a collection of spaces that can be tailored and adapted to what you need to use them for, from accommodating new pets or hybrid working, to fitness or separate spaces to unwind, townhouses really can offer it all without compromise on space, great views and, of course, a garden.

“More and more of our developments include townhouse designs, not only to meet demand from our homebuyers, but to reflect the new ways of living we are all settling into. Adaptability is key and I think homebuyers today really recognise the opportunity townhouse living can bring to the table.”


Interior designer’s view

Casey Moss of Room Service Design, who designed The Lindbergh showhome at Southwood Mews, added: “It is great that so many homebuyers are now really considering what functions their home needs to perform for them as this shapes the core of any interior design concept. We have designed the interiors of The Lindbergh showhome to reflect how it can be easily altered and adapted for various different needs and requirements.

“The top floor, for example, includes the main bedroom which is located at the back of the home sitting next to another king size bedroom at the front of the home. Both rooms have been envisioned as havens, creating a sanctuary away from the rest of the home and a place to escape and unwind.

“The family room on the ground floor has been designed as a multi-functional space with a bespoke unit that serves both as a desk for home working and as a media storage unit. This room is perfect for growing families, allowing the first floor living room to be kept as a retreat for the grownups.

“Another benefit to the main living room being on the first floor is that the kitchen diner is incredibly spacious with a breakfast bar island and room for a large dining table. The ground floor also includes a utility, WC and storage cupboards.

“Interior design can really come into its own in a townhouse with the chance to create your own character and living environment, exactly as you need it. I expect the popularity of townhouses will stand tall for many generations to come.”


Hear from a townhouse happy buyer at Southwood Mews

Melissa Newlyn moved into her new home at Southwood Mews in Farnborough, Hampshire only two months after reserving her property.

She and her family used Cala’s Part Exchange service to make the move to their new home, however there were other reasons which helped make their decision an easy one.

Melissa said: “We didn't set out to get a townhouse specifically when first looking at Southwood Mews, however the additional rooms allow us to accommodate working from home, which is a huge benefit.

“We also like that the top floor allows us privacy and peace. In particular, we love the size of the rooms and the spacious garden we have.

“The quality of the build and the location also ticked the boxes for us.”

The Newlyn family have now enjoyed five months in their new home and have been “very happy” with their decision to purchase a three-storey home.

Interested in townhouse living? Search our developments to view our townhouses for sale and find your perfect home. 

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