For many, the kitchen is the heart of the home; it’s the place where your day begins and you can enjoy breakfast with the kids or a simple coffee before work. It’s where you can cook together, enjoy good food and chat about your day. And it’s always the busiest room when having a party.

When buying a new-build home, a spacious, contemporary kitchen is often on the wish list, and when buying a Cala home, this is something that is easily achievable. But it’s not just about the look – when it comes to the perfect kitchen, it’s the attention to detail that can make a big difference, and while you might aspire to a kitchen that looks contemporary and on trend, quality and design functionality are just as important, if not more.

That’s why we had a chat with David Coughtrie of Creative Designs Kitchen, who we work with throughout our UK showhomes, to get some of his top tips on how to achieve a modern, contemporary kitchen that looks the part and is a joy to live in.


What makes a contemporary kitchen?

Believe it or not, there are important aspects that define if a kitchen is contemporary or not. A contemporary kitchen tends to be handleless with clean, sharp lines and has a distinct minimalist look. When designing kitchens, we tend to include islands or a peninsula, if space permits, as this is a popular feature for families who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, especially if it is open plan.

We find that many people are knocking through rooms to create one large area, featuring a kitchen, dining area and family room leading to an outdoor area. In many of the Cala homes we work in, there are open plan kitchen dining and family rooms, which remain really popular.

Jordanhill Park, Glasgow


Must-have features for contemporary kitchens

There are many contemporary kitchen design features that can be added to create a contemporary look, depending on the budget and space available. The most popular features this year include handleless kitchen cabinets, which create a modern, clean feel to your kitchen.

Princes Quay, Glasgow


We have also found waterfall worktop edges are incredibly popular - this is a countertop that drops vertically to create a continuous flow, and is a top trend especially on kitchen islands as it creates a very sleek look.

Florence Wynd, Ayrshire


Lighting is also a major part of kitchen design as it can help create different moods depending on the time of day, or if you’re entertaining. LED lights are a must for contemporary kitchens as they fit well with the modern aesthetic and also produce a better quality of light that reduces heat and reveals colour better, plus they tend to last longer.

This year, open shelving also continues to be popular with homeowners as it creates more storage whilst maintaining the modern feel to the room. It allows you to add personality to the space by adding finishing touches.

Princes Quay, Glasgow


As mentioned before, islands continue to prove popular, as do breakfast bars. This is the ideal space for families to start their day together and it is a useful space when you have guests. Add a couple of slick bar stools to complete the look.

The majority of Cala kitchens come with integrated appliances. By simply hiding items like fridges, freezers and dishwashers behind cabinets, this can help keep your kitchen sleek.


What are the benefits of having a contemporary kitchen?

When clients are deciding on a new kitchen, I always advise them to choose a style that will tie in areas throughout the rest of their home and to make sure it’s 100% liveable. The kitchen can be the heart of the home so by bringing dining and living room aspects into the kitchen, it creates a really flexible, sociable living space where families can spend a lot of time together. A popular way to do this is to cleverly use kitchen units as furniture to create TV and ‘drinks’ areas in the same colour combinations as chosen in the kitchen.

Woodside Grove, Bagshot


Have you spotted any kitchen trends and colour combos recently that are popular this year?

Every year there are different trends that come and go, however the contemporary styles remain popular. There are always plenty of contemporary kitchen ideas that will help freshen up your kitchen. This year we’re finding thin minimal worktops, black accessories such as sinks, taps and flip sockets and also venting hobs where the extraction fan is built into the hob are at the top of buyers’ lists.

Newlands Park, Mistley


When designing a client’s kitchen, there are multiple colour choices, however many opt for neutral colours like white, beige or grey to ensure it remains timeless. For those looking to make their kitchen a little more distinctive, we combine these with a splash of colour in certain areas of the kitchen to brighten it up. You can do this with different coloured tall cabinets or wall units, for example.


Each Cala home has its own high specification in terms of kitchen styles and suppliers. To view the homes available in your area, visit our Homes for Sale page.


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