Looking for a more sustainable way to heat your home? With a focus on reducing your carbon footprint, many are moving toward cleaner, greener options when it comes to heating.

Sustainability has been a focus for some time at Cala, and we’ve already taken significant steps to reduce our environmental impact and help our customers live more sustainably too. 

We are working towards the removal of fossil fuels in the homes we build by switching to either air or ground source heat pumps where possible. These heating systems replace a traditional gas boiler and extract heat from the surrounding environment, even in low temperatures.

Gas currently equates to around 80% of the operational carbon within our properties, so switching to a heat pump solution is a step in the right direction towards reducing the carbon emissions of our homes.

If you are considering buying a Cala home with a heat pump, this blog will help you with some of the questions you might have.

How does a heat pump work?

Heat pumps are a low-carbon heating alternative and a more sustainable way to heat your home and hot water. For every 1 kilowatt of electricity used, between 2-5 kilowatts of heat energy are produced, meaning they are at least 3 times more efficient on average than a traditional gas boiler, which is typically only 85% - 90% efficient.

Sitting outside of the property for air or in an inside cupboard for ground, heat pumps use the time proven technology of a fridge, but in reverse.

Utilising ambient energy from the environment, heat pumps absorb heat from the outside air or ground and upgrade it to heat your home and provide you with hot water.

Even on cold days, the air contains plenty of energy to heat your home, with heat pumps operating effectively at temperatures as low as -15°C.

This makes them a particular favourite in places like North America and Scandinavia, with Norway, Sweden and Finland being the highest users per capita of heat pumps in the world.

Heat pump systems are operated from thermostats and produce little noise or vibration.


The benefits of heat pumps

Heat pumps come with many benefits, none more so than helping homeowners become greener with their energy consumption.


  1. Reduces your carbon footprint as they they emit between 60 – 80% less carbon emissions than a gas boiler at least. This is nearly 100% when coupled with a green tariff.
  2. Reduced energy bills: By having a heat pump installed, you’ll no longer be paying a gas standing charge and could avoid fluctuating prices associated with gas and oil. Recent studies have shown that if your heat pump is averaging near 300% efficiency, its running costs should match that of a typical new boiler, with any higher efficiencies potentially resulting in savings of tens to hundreds of pounds a year.
  3. The installation of a heat pump will give you access to the latest technology and innovations, fully electrifying your home, making it eligible for specialised heat pump tariffs and capable of being supplemented by domestic renewables and battery technology.
  4. An air source heat pump has a lifespan of between 15-25 years if they are fully maintained and serviced, much longer than the average boiler.
  5. A ground source heat pump has a lifespan of between 20-30 years, which is double that of a traditional boiler.
  6. Even in cold and inclement weather, heat pumps will provide a steady and comfortable temperature throughout your home.



Heat pumps are a great option when it comes to a more environmentally friendly way to heat your home. 

We have installed gas-free heating systems where gas was not available on site for the past decade, and our commitment to end the use of gas in all of our homes has seen us roll out alternative heating systems across several developments more recently. However, for existing or under construction sites, gas-free heating systems might not be in operation.

Customers should speak with their sales consultant and read the specifications for their chosen development to see what green technology is available and suitable for their home. 

To find out more about Cala’s goals, visit our sustainability page.

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