We have launched our new Sustainability Strategy which will see each of our divisions play a major role in a more environmentally responsible future – with our Falkirk-based, East team, backing the plans.

Reinforcing our long-standing commitment to sustainability, the strategy will provide a new focus to help our business achieve our targets of building homes that are operationally net zero carbon from 2030, and reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Scottish Government’s 2045 target and ahead of UK Government’s 2050 target.

Our East of Scotland team – which has 13 live developments – has been empowered to be at the heart of the strategy alongside colleagues from across the UK, driving forward a number of innovations and ideas to reduce our environmental impact now and in the future.

An East based ‘Green Team’ has been established along with nine others from each of our group wide offices, to brainstorm, research and implement initiatives which will help bring about positive change in the region, from energy saving and recycling measures within offices, to employee wellbeing and meaningful community support initiatives.

In total, more than 90 employees across our businesses are actively involved in helping to achieve our sustainability objectives.

Our East of Scotland team is future-proofing many developments by installing comprehensive electric vehicle (EV) charging ports. Homes at Queenswood in Linlithgow have access to EV charging provision as standard, while Boroughmuir and The Crescent in Edinburgh are home to two of the capital’s largest private EV charging hubs.

All 84 apartments at The Crescent are served by an EV fast charger, and Boroughmuir has 40 charging points ensuring access to allocated parking for each of its 87 apartments.

The East team also installed an app-enabled smart water tank at its 40 five-bedroom homes within its Queenswood development, in a move which means each and every home is built to an A rating, the top energy performance certification possible.

The Mixergy hot water tanks link to the solar panels of each home, and heats only the water that a household needs at a time as opposed to a full tank – which the startup says could reduce annual water bills by up to 40%. Buyers will also benefit from reduced gas use which could lower energy bills.

Craig Lynes, Managing Director of Cala Homes East, said: “Sustainability has been high on the agenda here at Cala for some time, however with the launch of our new strategy, everyone across the business can now play their part in driving forward the changes needed to create a more environmentally responsible future.

“We’re very proud to play our part here in the East division, implementing new innovations like the Mixergy hot water tanks, and researching new ways of making our homes even more energy efficient.

“Collectively we’ll also be looking at tangible ways we can decarbonise our operations, in specific areas such as zero carbon homes, office environment, site environments, procurement and transportation - producing a roadmap of targets, measures and areas of interest to pursue as priorities.”

The roadmap includes research on and testing of various technological innovations, including the investigation of measures such as infrared heat mats and panels, battery and thermal storage technology, hydrogen and electric boilers, mechanical ventilation systems and new concepts around biodiversity.

The business will also look at the basics of how it operates – from how it engages with suppliers and subcontractors, to how colleagues travel and offices are run, and the ways Cala interacts with communities and wider infrastructure.

Craig Lynes continues: “A key part of the Sustainability Strategy is to embed sustainability into the Cala culture, so it’s really important that the team across the business helps drive it. We want Cala to be a place to be proud of, for our customers, our contractors and our colleagues.”

Visit our Sustainability page for more information on Cala’s Sustainability Strategy.

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