With summer just around the corner and hopefully the better weather, now is the time to start enjoying your outside space again.

You probably have the leftover leaves and winter mess cleaned up, but what about the furniture, spring plants and those plans that you keep putting off year after year?

Will you make the most of raised beds? Dine alfresco with friends and family? Or finally install that patio or decking you’ve always dreamed about? 2023 is the year to do it.

Gardening is both an art form and a science. You need to consider timings, wildlife concerns, materials, colours, sizes and more. Landscaping a beautiful space is not done lightly and without thought, so here are some tips to help you make your garden stunning and on-trend in 2023.



Eco Gardening
At Cala, sustainability is always front of mind for our new build homes, and it’s equally as important when it comes to our gardens and outdoor spaces. To help you create the ultimate eco garden, we’ve listed our top tips to make sure you are gardening in line with the environment and supporting local ecosystems. Find out how green your garden is with RSPB’s ‘Greener in the Garden’ survey.


• Planting local wildflowers or pollinator-friendly plants
• Using recycled materials and upcycling where you can
• Choosing plants that thrive in dry conditions to reduce watering requirements.
• Planting resilient plants that survive many extremes
• Making use of water butts or home composting bins
• Encouraging wildlife with bee and insect hotels, bird feeders and hedgehog homes
• Grow-your-own veg and fruit beds


Endurance Furniture
Having garden furniture is a must, especially when the nice weather arrives as there is nothing better than a family BBQ.

When shopping for outdoor furniture, you may automatically opt for =the most affordable, but instead, why not focus on longevity? Furniture material can impact how long it lasts and how much money you need to spend maintaining it.

For instance, wood furniture looks natural and blends with the environment, but it can warp over time, and the colour may fade and need repainting. Aluminium garden furniture is lightweight and strong, but it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking fresh. Powder-coated steel is a strong, colourful option for outdoor dining sets, but again, the colours can fade and may rust if not looked after. Rattan is very popular and hardwearing, but it can be hard to clean and is one of the more expensive options.

Galvanised steel or wrought iron garden furniture are two of the most durable choices for your outdoor tables and chairs. This is because they are least likely to rust or wear over time, they can be covered, and come with lengthy structural guarantees for peace of mind.



Modern Cottage Garden Design
While many may prefer the clean-cut lines of a modern minimalist garden, the current trends lend themselves much more to a cottage garden layout, full of colour, height, diversity and more.

Controlled areas of meadows and produce combined with ample wildlife and very little interference from you evoke feelings of woodland, homesteads and natural living, which can add help add a feeling of homeliness and character to a new build garden.


Mediterranean gardening
Mediterranean gardening is also growing in popularity as gardeners search for drought-friendly plants and methods to reduce watering, while maintaining a stylish look. Think olive trees, floral and fragrant herbs, and climbers like bougainvillaea.



Vertical gardening
Not everyone’s garden is large enough for extravagant designs, so many are making the most of the space they have with vertical ideas. Think living walls of lettuce and herbs, climbers which scale up a trellis and undesirable walls, or hanging baskets and containers you can suspend from drainpipes and window ledges.

Your limited space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your gardening wants – you can be eco and have a stunning space no matter the size.


Low maintenance gardening
Gardening can take time and consideration, which many of us just don’t have - that’s potentially why we leave the turf alone and mow it when needed. However, some have adapted their outside spaces to look after themselves.

• The increase in self-watering pots and watering systems mean container plants can be left to thrive alone, for longer
• Stunning hedge plants and perennials that require little to no pruning, such as ferns, lavender and ornamental grasses are great additions
• Removing grass for decking or patios means there’s no mowing required
• Embracing the rewilding movement means you can leave it to nature with minimal guidance to keep it usable.


Whichever trend you adopt in 2023, it’s best to dedicate a little time and research to figure out the best way to make it a reality and ensure it meets your expectations.

For ways to make your garden more sustainable ahead of summer, read our top tips or if you have a North facing garden, read this blog on how to make the most of its position in the summer.

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