The ‘coastal grandmother’ interior design aesthetic emerged on TikTok and has fast become one of the most talked about interior trends for the home and garden this year.

Florence Wynd, Ayrshire, Scotland

Homeowners across the UK are now emulating the elegant and timeless interior vibes of linen-wearing, romcom grandma goddesses such as Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give and Meryl Streep in It’s Complicated.

Coined by US-based influencer, Lex Nicoleta, the home styling trend has 2.6 million views on the platform – but you don’t have to be a grandmother to achieve the look, so step away from the doilies and net curtains.

We’re offering insight into how to make use of this modern home interior trend into your own home, with some top tips from one of our trusted interior designers, Haus Interiors.

Woodside Grove, Bagshot, Surrey


Alison Deakin, our Thames Sales and Marketing Director, said: “Our light-filled homes and spacious living areas create the perfect canvas for this classic and airy interior trend. The coastal grandmother look is clean, elegant and rooted in laid-back minimalism. We see this aesthetic as not just a trend, but a way of living.”

One of our interior designers, Felicity Stevens from Haus Interiors, also explains how to update any modern home with some simple tips and tricks.

Felicity explained: “When it comes to home styling, this trend is all about the idea of an elegant, timeless and coastal design aesthetic, with a beautiful combination of a light, bright and chic colour palette, with older, re-used, and delicately cared for furniture and accessories intertwined.

Milltimber Manor, Aberdeen


“I think the appeal for homeowners is the heartwarming feeling it evokes and the eco-friendly design approach, giving a feeling of calm and wholesomeness, which is just what is needed after a chaotic few years.

“The coastal grandmother aesthetic is idealistic and feels comforting and cosy. I can definitely see the appeal and why this trend has become so popular. It’s about living your best life in an effortless and authentic way.”


Cala’s top tips for creating the coastal grandmother look

Be subtle

When it comes to creative interiors, this look doesn’t need to be all-consuming. Add subtle hints through small changes such as incorporating light interiors, textured accessories and wooden accessories, like timeless heirlooms that are often seen in beach homes.

Ufford Chase, Great Bentley, Essex


Let go of perfect

Not everything needs to be new and perfect for an interior to be perfectly balanced, so don’t throw out or sell old family heirlooms or pieces that may be a little worn out. This trend isn’t just about re-working and restoring pieces but seeing the beauty in what is already there. There might be a side table that has been passed down and is ageing gracefully – but loving it with all its history is what this trend is all about.

St Peter’s Quarter, Chertsey, Surrey


Lights and linens

Chic interiors can be achieved by a light, white and neutral interior. Upholstery, walls, and windows is a great base for this look, that way any accessories or other features can really stand out. Linens fit perfectly for this style too, especially for window treatments and bedding, giving a real sense of warmth and comfort.

Rivermead Gardens, Alton, Hampshire


Go coastal

Homeowners can incorporate the coastal twist of this trend by introducing wooden accessories, even lamps or wooden lampshades too. Against a white backdrop, the use of mixed woods can work really well, so don't worry about it matching wooden elements in your interior, like accessories or smaller pieces of furniture.

Cala at Beaulieu, Chelmsford, Essex


Mix textures

Textures and weaves are perfect for this home interiors design trend, not only in your cushions and rugs, but also your upholstery. Having everything white can be a little bit clinical if you don't have depth of colour or richness of woods in your heirlooms, so think about creating depth with a weave or subtle woven pattern in your sofa fabric. These can be really hard-wearing fabrics too, and you could even have your original sofa re-upholstered if you wanted to really get your teeth into this aesthetic.


Whether your home is coastal or not, this interior design aesthetic can fit into any property that is inviting for friends and family, in a calming environment where there is lots of space both inside and out.

Let us know if you try any of these tips by sharing your coastal grandmother interior pictures with us on Instagram @calahomes.

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