When it comes to transforming your home, sometimes the little things matter most. Whether it’s adding a pop of colour with some bold cushion covers, or switching up your artwork, simple changes can still make a major impact to any modern house.

We know that often the same home décor or accessories can get boring after a while, or perhaps you want to keep up with seasonal trends. So, to help you keep your house on point for summer, we’ve caught up with our interior’s expert, Felicity Stevens from Haus Interiors, to find out her top house design ideas which don’t require a major overhaul.

Felicity said: “Whenever there’s a new season, many of us can get the urge to completely redecorate, especially when trends change so quickly. However, there are simple ways to make your surroundings more appealing and breathe new life into your home for summer.

“As opposed to a whole home makeover, small updates can be made with things such as a sunny splash of paint colour here or there, or new bed linen and fresh candles, to make a real difference.”

So, whether you’re looking for an update with the new laidback ‘coastal grandmother’ trend, or serotonin-boosting brights, Felicity explains how to refresh your house interior with some simple upgrades...

How to upgrade your house interior

Switch up artwork

Moving artwork around the home can be a simple yet effective way to change the look of any interior. Pieces you have had in the same place for a long time almost become ‘the norm’ and you may begin to under appreciate their worth. Simply moving them around can help provide a unique perspective and create a new love for something you already own.


Bring the outdoors in

Bringing the outside into your home by incorporating houseplants can be a great way to add the finishing touches to any room. It's also been proven that plants improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels, and boost your mood and overall wellbeing, so it’s a double win. Read our blog on the best bigger plants for your home.

It’s worth investing in some flowers or a beautiful plant to really bring life to a room. As well as sprucing up any space, a vibrant new plant or pretty set of flowers will make a cold corner look warm and an old vase look new again.


Brighten up with paint

One of the most impactful and inexpensive house design ideas can be incorporating a new feature wall with paint. To make a big difference, why not try the opposite shade of what you currently have. Sunshine shades like yellow are guaranteed to bring summer magic to your home, whereas a bold floral accent wall will make an impact without having to redecorate the entire room. Zesty greens and sky blues are also shades that can help create an inviting interior.


Replace your cushions

A fresh set of cushions is a simple way to transform your sofa or bedding without having to break the bank. Curved shapes, textures and sustainable fabrics are big hits when it comes to trends for 2022, and can add visual interest into your living space.

Consider being inspired by the bold ‘Dopamine Dressing' trend with shades of zesty yellow, tangy orange, neon green and bright blues for a playful look.


Freshen up scents

There’s nothing quite like the fragrance of summer and changing up the smell of your home can make an enormous difference. Floral summer smells and marine scents are perfect for creating a lively summer atmosphere. You can pick up some fantastic diffusers and scented candles from your local supermarket or pick out something special from an independent store.


Keep it bright

Summer is the perfect time to make the most of natural light coming into your home. Crisp white bed linen is another fantastic way of freshening up your bedroom and attracting as much light as possible into a room, as well as a chance to accessorise with other colours. Sheer linen curtains can also make any room feel breezy and removing heavy drape curtains will instantly transform any space.


Create a cute kitchen table

For a really quick way to make your home inviting this summer, try styling up your kitchen table with a zesty tablecloth and some new summer accessories. Incorporate some colourful crockery with bright prints and summer motifs for a playful vibe.


We hope you've enjoyed these house design ideas from our interior expert and you feel ready to refresh your home for summer.

If you use some of these tips, make sure to share your updates with us on Instagram @calahomes.

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