Emphasis on eco helps us focus on what really matters at Christmas time

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and many of us are now turning our attention to decking those halls and trimming those trees, getting our homes ready for the most wonderful time of the year.

We spoke with one of our interior designers, Eileen Kesson, who has shared her top Christmas décor trends for your home this Christmas.

“Christmas for me is such an enchanting time of year where you can really enhance your surroundings with festive decorations and just celebrate going a little bit extra in a classy and timeless way.”

So, what are the top décor trends for the most fabulous festive abodes? We have taken a look at some of the latest looks for the season.


Paper decorations

Yes, you heard correctly! A resurgence of paper decorations is big on the agenda this year, whether its honeycomb Christmas trees, paper stars or paperchains and garlands, there is no doubt that it is set to be one of the biggest trends of the year. Let’s not forget the sustainability merits, upcycling and recycling opportunities that tie into this one – something we love here at Cala! Eileen said: “This year, more than any other year, there is a real eco focus, with an emphasis on reuse, recycle, without compromising on going big and making an impact.

“There is a real opportunity to consider recycled decorations, natural, rustic pieces, paper chains and family treasures passed down from generation to generation, and it’s brilliant to be able to consider the planet and the impact whilst doing so.”

Alternative Christmas Trees

These can be space-saving (and pet friendly) from wall trees to more creative ideas - variations of the more traditional tree are certainly on the rise. Increasing awareness of the environmental cost of seasonal Christmas trees is bringing more and more creative ideas to the fore. From foraged bare branches adorned with baubles to year-round home plants covered in tiny fairy lights, anything and everything has the potential to replace or add to the Christmas tree décor in your home this year.

Coloured Glass

Colourful, chunky and patterned glass is most definitely on trend right now and can really add some vibrancy to your décor and some texture to your decorations. You might already have a collection you can bring together or perhaps now is the time to start one you can add to over the years. Start scouring second-hand stores or charity shops – either way it’s a great way to bring colour to Christmas and indeed all-year-round.

Reusable Crackers

As we all look for ways to minimise single-use products, crackers are another festive staple that have started having an eco-makeover, and something that creates great family moments over the Christmas period.

Or why not make your own? Get creative with materials and fillings, and you can even personalise them for your guests for that special touch on Christmas Day. From an interior design perspective, if you want them to perfectly match your décor, there are some beautiful sustainable and recyclable papers out there that offer a real touch of luxury and style.

Shop Small, Shop Local

Cala is committed to supporting the communities in which we build, so much so, we launched our Showhome of Support initiative last year, where we showcase local suppliers throughout participating showhomes across the country. This ties in with a national UK trend showing that as a nation we are increasingly eager to support local and smaller independent companies. Buying directly from small business owners offers that perfect win-win: fabulous service and unique, often bespoke products, alongside a great feel-good feeling for buyers too.

Eileen added: “More is more for Christmas décor! This isn’t about spending more, it is about using what you’ve got to the max and considering the environment in the process.

“It’s all about getting back to focussing on what makes Christmas truly special by creating cherished moments, making homemade decorations with the family and life-long memories which will last much longer than the decorations themselves.

“Hopefully that’s the Christmas décor trend that will have the largest impact.”

For more Christmas interiors inspiration, visit our Instagram @calahomes.

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