As the likes of Dulux and Pantone unveil their 2023 colours of the year, here at Cala we’ve also explored and uncovered some of the biggest trends for the year ahead.

For 2023, global colour experts, Coloro and WSGN, have unveiled the serene shade 'Digital Lavender' as the hue set to enhance our living space. As well as being considered a gender-inclusive colour, its neutrality emphasises meditation and recuperation, and the calming lilac shade creates a fantastic pop of colour in any room.

Whereas colour experts at Pantone set out to energise the interior world with ‘Viva Magenta’, a striking, electrifying shade of red. Daring designers can harness the full power of the Colour of the Year with a velvet couch or lacquered wall. Those who desire a more neutral home can use it as a pop of colour, as it is loud and proud enough to carry a room.  

Meanwhile, leading paint brand, Dulux, has revealed ‘Wild Wonder’ as the mood of the moment, a glowing soft gold with green undertones that combines the magic of nature and energy. This ethereal tone will radiate warmth in your home, all while being a great backdrop and accentual highlight.

It’s not just colour predictions we’re interested in. We’ve also managed to round up the biggest interior trends for 2023 so you don’t have to!


Curves, curves, curves

The curve is predicted to make waves in home interior decorating. Round corners and smooth edges are also set to be all the rage in 2023. Arches instead of hard square doorways, which puts emphasis on natural light, will make your home more welcoming and open to guests. Hoops and spheres are something designers are predicting will make a return to lighting trends too.

When it comes to furniture, soft, curved sofas and chairs are making a resurgence. Think spongey couches, classic bean bags, and chaise longues that you can sink into after a long day working, or the perfect HQ for enjoying a Netflix binge on a lazy weekend.

1970’s nostalgia

Nostalgia and vintage finds are always going to make their way back into your home, and this next trend is something that we are very excited about at Cala. The 70’s are back and ready to make a welcome retro resurgence in our homes.

We’re talking bold prints, deep blues, greens and browns, with splashes of oranges and golds. Add a pop of ‘Digital Lavender’ if the notion takes you!

Seen on the catwalks of designer brands, fashion is also making a statement in our homes, and if you want your home to still have a modern feel, 70’s styled accessories are a good way to take part in the trend without committing too much.

Upgrade your workspace

It's quite clear that hybrid working is here to stay for many, so why not take the opportunity to spruce up yours. Another key trend that is a focus for 2023 wellness and making your home your haven. Having spent a fair bit of time in the house over the last few years, making it your safe space, for ultimate comfort and joy, is really a no brainer.

Creating a room where you can relax and unwind is a necessity in this decade – and in 2023 we could be taking it to a whole other level with all out luxury. After your day, you can glide on heated floors, sink into a jacuzzi bath or access your walk-through shower. For those on a more modest budget… create that spa feel with candles, artwork and clever storage to keep your bathroom tranquil and clutter-free.

According to Decorilla, "the workspace gets a happy makeover to increase its use and employee productivity."

Here, you can let a little bit of your own creativity take centre stage, with unique touches such as ambient lighting.


We hope these predictions of interiors trends and colours might give you some inspiration for your Cala home just in time for the new year ahead. Tag us on Instagram @calahomes so we can see your new looks! 

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