Our homeowners, Toby and Rebecca, caught up with Rightmove to share why they made the move from London life to our Cala at Wintringham development in Cambridgeshire

The couple ditched soaring rental prices in the capital to buy their first family home.

Toby said: “We just got married and we both wanted to start a family fairly soon, so we were on the lookout for a family home which we’d be able to grow into.

“We were renting a flat in South London before, but we were desperate to buy - as rental prices just kept on rising – we were paying £1500 a month on our 2-bed maisonette with a tiny garden and very noisy neighbours, and felt a bit trapped in a never-ending cycle of rentals.

“We knew it wouldn’t be an option to buy in the capital because of the London house prices – we would have only been able to afford a small flat, which just wouldn’t be suitable.”

As well as access to the historic town of St Neots, the Cala at Wintringham development is only a short walk from the train station, so St Neots to Kings Cross is easy for a commuter and only 45 minutes away.

Parents on the lookout for primary schools in St Neots will not be disappointed as the development boasts a nationally recognised school, making it the perfect location for growing families.

Recalling the couple’s move onto the development, Toby commented: “We knew we had to have enough space for us to both work from home, and plenty of room for our daughter, but also in a location which could provide us a home with easy access into London when we needed it.”

According to Rebecca, they chose our Wintringham development for a few reasons, but mainly because it aligned with all their must-haves on their property checklist.

She said: “I had a crazy excel spreadsheet of locations, detailing house prices, nurseries, distance from parents, commuter cost - as at that point we thought we’d be heading into London every day - and ultimately, Wintringham was the only development we saw.

“It just ticked all the right boxes. The train station is only a ten-minute walk away, and it’s so helpful that we can get St Neots to London trains. Schools in St Neots were a big priority for us, and there’s an excellent school across the road from the house, which we can literally see from the front windows. We read about just how good the school was in the Guardian, which was a real plus point, especially since we started a family.

Wintringham also includes a 3.5km leisure trail around the edge of the development, which includes three fitness stations with a range of equipment and play-on-the-way features to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. For pupils at Wintringham Primary Academy, the trail provides a safe and green walk to school connecting to the Cambridge Road linear park. As the development progresses, it will soon have a civic square, which will boast a new community health centre, library, retail, and office spaces.

Energy efficiency was also a big factor for the couple, especially with their new baby. Rebecca said: “It’s such a bright and airy space, and the rooms retain heat really well.

“Also, since our daughter was born last year, we’ve inevitably had the heating on more, but we actually haven’t seen a big increase in our energy bills, which has been a nice surprise. Brand new appliances and our smart meter have also been amazing, especially with all the washing we’re doing!”

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To find out more information or to register interest, please visit Cala at Wintringham. 

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From 14 years of renting to owning a family home of their own

From 14 years of renting to owning a family home of their own

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