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We can’t predict the future. But we can create it

Cala is a key player in the UK‘s housebuilding sector – an industry that’s currently going through a dramatic transformation. Environmental, technological and workforce changes are all creating huge challenges and, with them, opportunities for us to adapt and create a business that works better for everybody.

The Cala of tomorrow will look very different to the one of today. But how, exactly? Our Business Change team is at the heart of answering that question. We’re looking for original thinkers and problem solvers. Who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Who can work with people throughout every part of our business to plan and complete change projects that really make a difference to our business. And who can transform Cala into a business that’s fit for the future.

It's a big challenge. Also an exciting and rewarding one. The construction sector builds the physical world around us, and by doing so it changes the way that we all live our lives. Do you have the creativity, vision and drive to shape that future? If so, you’ve just found where you belong.



A challenging role, a great culture, a dynamic sector

The Business Change team sits at the heart of Cala. It works with every other function in the organisation, and influences everything we do.

The world is changing fast. People now want to live and work very differently than they did just a few years ago. That means our physical environment will have to adapt – a huge challenge for all business sectors.

The transformation has already begun, and we want Cala to be at the head of it. An innovator and a leader, that shows others what it’s possible for a housebuilder to be and inspires the whole sector to think imaginatively about its future. And also a great place to work, where high standards are expected and people are supported so that they can fulfil all of their potential.

The role of the Business Change team is to turn that vision into reality. To design and implement change projects – and see them through to the end – so that Cala delivers an unbeatable experience for our teams and our customers.

It’s not easy. You need to be able to think big and see opportunities that others have missed. To solve seemingly impossible problems. To work with people across our business – from construction sites to the boardroom – inspiring them and bringing them along on the journey. In return, we’ll provide a collaborative and supportive working environment, and a strong remuneration package.

Above all, we offer a challenge. We want you to help us change not just our business but also the world around us. If you’re excited by that prospect, then you belong with Cala.


Business Change Roles

We have a number of roles available requiring different levels of experience and we’d love to talk to you:

Business Change Project Manager

This role is about using your strong project management skills in a business change environment. 

Business Change Analyst

This role is about using your analysis skills in a business change environment from process improvements and system changes to defining target operating models. This will test the full breadth of your toolkit. 

Staff Testimonial - Business Change Team

“Every day is different! I might be working with project team members and business reps on specific aspects of the solution or on mapping out existing and new processes, or I might be drafting PowerPoint slides that tell the story of the project and the benefits for Cala. I could be working with the rest of the Business Change Team on how to support the business through change, or working on my own. I may also be out visiting a site to see the Cala business at the sharp end – no 2 days are ever the same and there’s rarely a dull day.  I might not be laying bricks or driving a fork-lift truck but a Cala home that is improved because of the work that I do is a good reason to go to work every day.  Sunday night work stress is a thing of the past!”

- Pauline Terrett, Business Change Analyst


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