Your hub of information with Cala

We want you to feel informed and valued at each stage of your journey, which is why you will be invited to the Spaciable portal when you reserve your home, to guide you 24/7.

What is Spaciable?

Spaciable is a one-stop-shop source of information and features specific to your home, helping you make the most of your new surroundings and providing your first port of call for any questions or issues you may have, whether it’s the paint colour in the living room, how to program the heating or what GP to register with.

Key features

  • Fixtures and fittings
  • Links to register appliances
  • Interactive Purchase Guide
  • Library of key documents, including digital Home Owner Guide
  • Important contacts
  • Links to exclusive deals and offers
  • Local area guide
  • FAQs

And much more!

Cala representatives will also use Spaciable to share updates and notifications relating to the development and your home.

How do I use it?

Once you have reserved your home, you will receive an invitation to sign up.  Please check your junk folder if you don’t think the email has been sent through.

When you sign up, you will be able to choose your own password.

You can then use this link or the app to sign in whenever you need to use the portal.  We recommend adding the URL to your Favourites for ease of access.

After logging in, you will be able to browse your Dashboard, where we have pinned key contacts, documents and features.

It is very straight-forward to use and there are plenty of useful features to explore.

Cala and Spaciable

Spaciable was developed by Classic Folios, who has worked with Cala Homes since 2012 to deliver market-leading customer care and handover solutions.

As part of our commitment to delivering outstanding service, we identified Spaciable as the most effective platform to achieve this.

Classic Folios has over 25 years’ experience in producing bespoke content and hardware, with an in-house team of expert editors and designers working together to create informative and eye-catching products.

In the last decade, Classic Folios has applied their industry expertise to digital innovation, leading to Spaciable, which currently supports over 50,000 home users.

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