Why downsize your home?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know some of the reasons that downsizing might be right for you. Some people buy a smaller home because the want the easy maintenance. Others want to be nearer to family or closer to a town centre for convenience.

For some, downsizing home might not be about their house at all. It could be that they are ready to let go of the demands of a large and rambling garden and move to a modern home of the same size but with a more manageable outdoor space.

You might even be dreaming of selling your current home, downsizing to a smaller home and then spending the equity from your current home on travel!

Many of the benefits of buying a new-build home, like security, energy efficiency and being part of a new community of likeminded people are particularly relevant for downsizers.

Downsizing isn’t always an easy decision – you might feel like there are some advantages to the extra space or have fond memories of your family home. However, many people do weigh these things up against the advantages and decide the decision to downsize is worthwhile.

There are a few things to consider before finally making the leap.

Low maintenance and desirable homes that suit you

When you’re ready to buy your new home, Cala can help

At Cala, we’re on hand to provide all the information and support you need ahead of your big move to make downsizing as stress-free as possible. This includes our Assisted Move service that allows you to move to your dream Cala home without the usual stresses and costs of buying a property. We do this by reserving the Cala home you have your heart set on while we help you secure a purchaser on your existing property.

We’ll also provide all the advice you need on any costs such as Stamp Duty (England) or Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Scotland), leaving you to enjoy a modern new home that is just the right size for you.

Lifestyle changes

If you decide to move a new area, will you have everything you need to continue to live a fulfilled life. How often would you like to visit any friends and family in the area you’re leaving and how practical will this be? It’s also important to consider whether there any clubs or societies that you might want to attend that will help you integrate your new community. Equally, if there are any hobbies that are important to you, it’s important to check whether you’ll still be able to pursue these when you move.

How much space do you need?

For many people, the fact that downsizing involves moving to a smaller space is one of its key appeals, meaning less work to maintain the home and garden, as well as reduced upkeep costs. Despite this, it’s still worth thinking carefully about how much space you’ll require in your new home, whether that’s to maintain a hobby or allow friends and family to visit. At Cala, one of the ways we help with this is by designing properties with storage in mind, so that you’ll find yourself with a surprising amount of storage space.

Why buy new when downsizing?

When it comes to downsizing, there’s a good chance that buying new will hold some appeal. Some customers tell us they chose to buy new because it offers greater peace of mind thanks to our 10 Year NHBC Buildmark Warranty, while others appreciate their new home is energy-efficient and low maintenance. Here are some top reasons to buy new when downsizing.

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