East Kilbride Community Growth Area, South Lanarkshire

Development partner

Lynch Homes

Site capacity

2,000+ units (400 Cala Homes)


New primary school

New spine road

Flood mitigation works

Ground stabilisation

Off-site trunk road upgrades

Our approach

Following its allocation for a residential led development in early 2000’s South Lanarkshire Council published a masterplan development framework for the growth area. Due to the high-level approach taken by the Council the delivery of the site stalled with multiple landowner interests and complex and costly infrastructure requirements.

Cala Homes West took the position as lead developer in 2017, in collaboration with Lynch Homes and a private land promoter, and developed a partnership approach strategy to realise delivery of the site. Through this partnership, and a pro-active approach to engaging with the Council and statutory consultees, the development viability challenges were overcome and planning consent delivered in 2019. This involved working in partnership with the Council to manage infrastructure requirements and secure City Deal funding to build the school, which will open in August 2023, in the earliest stages of the development.

Through this process we have established a strong reputation for delivery and a trusting relationship with all Council departments.

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