Where are we buying land?

Our teams are seeking land opportunities across Scotland, South East England, the Cotswolds and West Midlands. We have the expertise, knowledge and relationships to undertake a wide variety of development opportunities.
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Maximise value with Cala Homes

At Cala, when it comes to successful land sale, we combine a national perspective on land and planning with local expertise, knowledge and understanding. 

We maximise value for landowners and land agency looking to sell land for property development, while designing new homes that enhance the communities in which we build, and meet local housing needs.

We have a strong track record in achieving successful planning consents, sometimes where others have failed, making us the partner of choice in many areas. We understand the complexities of both the local and national planning environment and buy land on a conditional, unconditional or option basis.

We have the expertise and scale to undertake a wide variety of opportunities where development land is for sale, including farmland, brownfield and greenfield sites, conversions, restorations, mixed-use development and larger strategic releases of land.

Our regional structure gives us the flexibility to provide bespoke solutions that address local planning agendas and the individual needs of a site. We often partner with local architects, ecologists and transport specialists when creating our development proposals.

During the land acquisition process, we also work closely with local stakeholders, ensuring communities benefit from development through Section agreements. Our partnerships with registered providers also contribute to the delivery of mixed-tenure affordable housing across England and Scotland.

Contact your local Cala team

Cala operates through eight regional businesses across the UK. In Scotland, three businesses cover the principal cities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. In England, four businesses operate in the Home Counties (excluding central London), with a fifth in the Cotswolds.
Our regional teams are looking to buy land for development on a conditional, unconditional or option basis.

Why choose Cala?

Selling land can be stressful especially if the value depends on the success of planning consent. That's why it's essential to have an experienced team you can rely on. When you deal with Cala Homes, you have our wealth of resources, professionalism and expertise working for you.

  • National housebuilder with a regional structure, providing local knowledge and expertise
  • Highly competitive land buying, able to respond and deal quickly
  • A long history of success with landowners and land agents
  • Industry leading quality
  • Design-led homes and communities, in keeping with local architecture
  • Community-led planning with genuine consultation
  • Wealth of internal resources including planning, design, construction, sales and marketing
  • Utilising MMC, renewables and green technology for a sustainable future
  • Owned by L&G, offering strength, depth and stability in the land market

View a showcase of some of Cala's stunning developments
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