If you’re looking to sell your land, Cala can help

We offer tailored solutions that take into account the needs of landowners as well as local political, social and environmental factors. Our understanding of what is involved in buying and selling land to developers in the UK is second to none.

For more information on our current development sites around the country, take a look at some of our land case studies. They sum up the success of many of our developments across England and Scotland. They also provide everything you need to know, including the history of the site and how transforming the land has improved the community.

In many of these case studies, you’ll also see the many steps we’ve taken to preserve and celebrate the heritage of many of our sites and how the architecture and design of our builds are meant to complement the surroundings. We do this through enlisting expert knowledge about the local area to ensure our homes harmonise with the environment and surrounding locations.

Browse all our current case studies today.

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