Stamp Duty Tax in England | Land and Buildings Transaction Tax in Scotland

What is 'Stamp Duty'?

When you buy a property in Scotland or England, you usually pay tax on it. In England, this tax is known as 'Stamp Duty' whilst in Scotland, this is now known as 'Land and Buildings Transaction Tax' (or LBTT). 

Stamp duty can add thousands of pounds onto a homebuyer's costs, but CALA is here to help you understand and calculate the cost depending on whether this is your first, next or an additional property, and depending on the price of the property you hope to buy. 

Furthermore, temporary changes mean many won't have to pay Stamp Duty or LBTT on certain properties purchased before April 2021 if it's your main residence, applying up to £500,000 in England, and £250,000 in Scotland. 

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