This month, we’re continuing our Social Spotlight blog series and we got the chance to speak to Azlinda, who runs the Instagram She lives with her three sons and husband in the rural area of Jackton in the west of Scotland



Q1: Hello Azlinda. We’re excited to chat about your gorgeous new home! Can you tell us why you decided on a new-build Cala home?

In our opinion Cala is one of the best homebuilders and my husband and I have always dreamed of owning one of our own. We started house hunting in January 2021 and only then did we actually realise how difficult it can be to secure a new build plot! In March, we noticed a Cala advert at the future Sequoia Meadows site, and we registered our interest as quickly as possible before the development launched. Four months later, Cala got in touch to let us know they were doing a pre-launch which included one of the plots we were interested in.

Originally, we wanted the Cleland housetype, but after viewing the Dewar showhome in Ravensheugh Brea in Musselburgh (one day before reservations opened) we fell in love with the size and layout of the Dewar IC. We just knew that we had to go with the Dewar, and when reservation day came it was tense, but we were so pleased when we were able to reserve our dream home, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Q2: It seems like it was meant to be! Can you tell us what you love most about your Cala home?
Our home is part of the Light & Space Collection, and it is so true to its name! The whole house is so bright and airy. We absolutely love the open plan layout and the large double garage, as well as the bifold doors in our kitchen which open into our gorgeous garden. The main bedroom is a brilliant size, and another benefit is the fact our new home is really energy efficient so we can really utilise the natural light well.

Q3. How did you decide on the colour scheme and tile option for your kitchen?
We visited the Kennedy showhomes at Kinnaird during our house hunting journey and fell in love with the colour scheme of one of the showhome kitchens. When it was time for us to choose the options, we were given eight colour palettes. We quickly put together what we could find on the internet to try and visualise how it would look in our home. It was a little challenging because we did change our minds a few times. But in the end, we chose the stone palette for the tiles, and we chose our own scheme for the kitchen.

Q4. Where do you find your inspiration?
I take a lot of inspiration from showhomes I’ve visited and on our journey, we visited a few of the Cala developments to see the high specification and the different housetypes on offer. I also use Instagram and Pinterest.

Q5. What features of your home do you love best, and do you have a favourite room?
I love, love, love our bifold doors and the solar panels. We also really appreciate our open plan kitchen/dining room as it is ideal for socialising and entertaining guests. I love how this room has direct access to our back garden too, which provides us with lots of natural light.

Q6. What styling advice would you give to prospective buyers of a new Cala Home?
I feel like I am learning as I’m going, and still have a few things to learn myself, but my advice would be to decorate the space according to your needs and taste.

Q7. How simple was the process of buying your Cala home?
The process was simple and in line with what we expected when buying a new-build home. We registered our interest in advance and established great communication and relationships with the sales team via phone and emails. The whole team were so helpful, and they made sure they updated us on the progress of the build on a regular basis.

Q8. Would you recommend buying with Cala, and what is your top tip to prospective buyers looking to making the move?
Yes, I totally would recommend buying with Cala. My top tip would be to visit Cala showhomes where you can and take inspiration from their designs. Also, make sure that you register your interest as early as you possibly can, so you don’t miss out, and keep in touch with the sales team frequently for updates on any plots which are coming up.

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