Don’t lose out on your dream home because you’re struggling to sell your house or apartment. If you’re wondering ‘how can I sell my house quickly’, we may have the answer.

You might have heard about Part Exchange, where we act as a guaranteed cash buyer for your home, offering you up to 100% market value. Our Guaranteed Buyer service is similar, but it gives you a chance at achieving an open market price on your existing property, with our offer (which is based on a quick sale) waiting in the wings if you need it.  

The service is simple and only has four steps.  

How does Guaranteed Buyer work?  

Step One 

Visit your preferred Cala development and speak to our sales teams to discover which homes are available through our Guaranteed Buyer service. Once you decide on your new home, it’s time to focus on your current property. 

Step Two 

Cala will obtain two free independent valuations based on achieving a sale in a 4-8 week period. 

Step Three 

You’ll then receive an offer for your current home. This will be based on a quick sale, so you might find that this offer is lower than what we would be able to offer through our Part Exchange service.  

However, you still have the opportunity to sell your home on the open market, so this is just a back-up offer in the instance that it does not sell as you hoped. During this time, you’ll be kept up to date on the progress of your Cala new build.  

Step Four 

The final step once you’ve received your offer is to put your existing home on the open market. Cala will act as a cash buyer if your home does not sell in the time agreed so your move to your new home is protected. If it does sell, we will give you a pre-agreed alternative incentive, so it’s win-win either way.  


What are the benefits of Guaranteed Buyer? 

Using our Guaranteed Buyer service means you can rest easy that the sale of your existing property won’t hold you back from the Cala home you’ve set your sights on. It allows purchasers to have the best of both worlds, as you can market your existing property as usual with a set price agreed by you and your estate agent, and if a sale falls through, Cala are here to step in.  

If it doesn’t sell within the specified time, we will buy it from you at the agreed price. One great advantage is that the completion date will be the same as your new Cala home, making your move as smooth as possible.  

For more information on our Guaranteed Buyer Service, visit our webpage. 

Learn more about Part Exchange 

If you’d prefer having the certainty of a sale right from the beginning of the process, then Cala’s Part Exchange service might be the answer for you. Find out more 

Just Ask Cala  

Moving house may seem daunting but there are so many ways Cala can make your home buying journey as stress-free as possible, not to mention the benefits of buying a new build home, from energy efficiency to chain-free moves.  

Find out more about our range of incentives on our handy ‘buyer hubs’ here. 

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