Living a more environmentally conscious lifestyle is increasingly on our minds as we all try to do our bit for the planet. When it comes to our homes, living more sustainably is easier when we have the right tools and technology at our fingertips. At Cala, we’re on a journey to provide just that – from the way we build our homes to the elements inside.

As part of our sustainability journey, all new Cala homes will be operationally net-zero carbon enabled by 2030. As part of this, we’re focusing on rolling out more sustainable build methods, new technologies and a commitment to an Urban Wildlife Strategy coming soon that protects and nurtures the natural environment across our developments. View our Thames region's strategy. 

Take a look at some of the measures being put in place at Farendon Fields in Buckinghamshire to help our customers live more sustainably.

Playground-breaking fun

A playground made from recycled materials. That's right. 

We will be installing a playground made from recycled plastic and textiles, meaning that not only can homeowners take confidence in the environmentally friendly efforts of their development, but children are able to play and interact with equipment that has given waste material a whole new life.

What’s more, the installation is good for the health and wellbeing of the new community. All playground equipment, by the maker KOMPAN, is designed to improve physical, cognitive, creative and social skills, thereby enhancing emotional maturity and helping to build key life skills and friendships. All by creating physically and mentally stimulating equipment to play with that has been intentionally designed for all abilities to achieve an effective and inclusive workout for all.


Birds and the bats (and the hedgehogs)

Maintaining and enhancing biodiversity on our developments is a critical part of our plans.

Hedgehog numbers have declined significantly in recent years, falling by an estimated 30% in urban settings since 2000, and gardens with impermeable fencing are believed to be a contributing factor. So, hedgehog friendly fencing has been introduced throughout the development to allow hedgehogs and other small animals to pass through gardens and connected fences, avoiding dangerous roads and pathways. A simple tunnel installed at the bottom of a fence panel can make a great difference to how a hedgehog can flourish in their natural habitat.

Similarly, to support declining bird species, select homes will incorporate a universal bird nesting feature called a “swift brick” to provide safe nesting opportunities for a range of bird species. As well as this, a bat roosting feature which will provide opportunistic roosting for crevice dwelling bats without any impact to homes or the community.



Although many residents may be yet to drive an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, trends indicate that more and more will do as prices fall and ranges increase. At Farendon Fields, all homes will be provided with a provision for electric car charging points.


Meadow flower power

Meadow flower turf has also been used throughout the development to improve the growth of grass and flowers all year round, whilst also supporting biodiversity.

A mixture of seedlings and mature plants means that dense planting can be established quickly with the lack of need for pesticides and fertilisers, meaning that they’re safe for the environment and provide a valuable source of sustenance for many insect and bird species. It also does not require regular mowing. What’s not to like?

This new community of 2, 3, and 4-bedroom homes on the edge of Weston Turville includes the benefits that come with a new build home, such as double-glazed windows, efficient boilers, water-saving systems and quality insulation, all as standard energy tackling additions to these homes. Read our benefits of buying new.

If you're looking for new builds in Buckinghamshire, visit our Farendon Fields page for more information.

Visit our Sustainability Strategy page for more information on our journey and future plans.

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