When buying a new home, the age-old question on whether you choose a new build home or renovate an older property is sure to come up, no matter if you’re a first-time buyer taking those initial steps onto the property ladder or you’re looking for your forever home for your growing family.

To get a greater insight into why buyers choose new build homes over previously owned homes, we conducted a survey and asked the all-important question – what are the real benefits of new builds? We got some interesting answers which might help you if you’re facing this dilemma too. Read on to discover the true advantages of new build properties.


No need to knock down walls

When buying an older property, on the surface there may not appear to be too many jobs to do before settling in, however once you have the keys, it might be a different story. With older properties, it can seem like there is a never-ending list of tasks and you might ask yourself why you didn’t buy new and start fresh with a blank canvas.

There’s also no need to knock or tear down walls in prominent rooms within your new home, such as the kitchen, which is a popular starting point for renovations, as all Cala homes are light and spacious, built for modern, 21st century living in mind. Many of our homes feature open-plan styles, ideal for flexible living to suit all needs and lifestyles.


No arguing about overspending

Older properties can need a lot of TLC and very often when you scratch the surface, it can be easy to rack up expenses when more and more problems appear. Our survey highlighted this is a key source of moving tension and arguments – especially if you have a budget you need to keep to. With a new build Cala home, many features including technology and appliances come as standard so there are no surprises, allowing you to keep a harmonious home and a better track on where your money is going.

What’s more, when buying a new build there is no need to worry about bidding wars or having to factor in additional budget to bid over the market price. This is common when buying a previously owned home, especially in desirable locations. Buying new means a fixed price is set, so you know from the very start what you will pay without all the renovation.

Cala buyers Gemma and Jason, who run the @thehouseofreginald Instagram account and purchased a Dewar housetype in Haddington, hadn’t considered a new build home until they realised the benefits.

They said: “We had lived in an older property previously, so initially we started looking at older homes. At the time, we didn’t consider a new build because we thought that only older houses have ‘character’.

“However, we quickly realised that old homes also mean bidding wars and more budget to modernise, so that’s when we started looking at new build homes. A blank canvas means you can add your own character, without the stress of renovation.” Read more about their home buying journey here.

You don’t have to replace broken boilers

Fixing or replacing an old or broken boiler can be incredibly costly, however if you buy new, this is not something you need to worry about as a new build house provides buyers with peace of mind and certainty that is unparalleled when buying an older property.

Not only will your new home feature a brand-new, efficient heating system, but it will also come with new appliances from quality brands, water-saving systems, double-glazed windows and quality insulation. There’s no need to worry about budgeting for these items and they also require minimal maintenance compared to an older property, saving you both time and money.

Did you know that a new Cala home could help you cut your emissions and fight against rising energy costs, saving an average of £3,100* a year in energy bills when the Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) increases? Read our blog here.

A host of other green technologies are being rolled out or trialled on our sites across the UK to help make our homes more efficient. Read more about Cala’s Sustainability Strategy.

Forget embarking on endless DIY projects

DIY in an older property can seem endless and can have a huge effect on the overall cost. A previously owned home can also mean that you need to deal with other people’s DIY disasters, which could take longer to fix than you previously anticipated.

The benefit of purchasing a new build home is that you start with a clean slate to put your own stamp on. Once you get the keys to your new Cala home, you can start from scratch with a completely neutral, fresh palette. Buying off-plan often means you can even choose your own kitchen, bathroom, flooring and finishes throughout your home. Having the freedom to personalise your space and add your own style can make the entire process of moving even more enjoyable and stress-free.

Happy buyer, Karen from @HomewithaPom, purchased a five-bedroom Cala home in Newton Mearns after hearing of friends’ issues with older properties.

She said: “My fiancé and I had been looking for a home together for a while and we explored different options from new build homes to homes with a bit of history. After doing some research and watching our friends’ negative experiences with older build homes, we realised that we wanted a blank canvas that we could add our own stamp to without any of the hidden surprises that can happen when purchasing an older home.”

Read more about Karen’s new build experience.

You don’t have to share your home with any ghostly house guests…

Let’s not forget about things that go bump in the night! Our survey highlighted that people also valued a new build home because there would be less chance of a sinister history or ghoulish house guests - a common fear amongst those purchasing older homes.

From the ability to put your own stamp on the property with your bespoke design choices, to greater energy efficiency and less DIY repairs and renovations, there is a wide range of reasons to consider buying a new build property.

For more reasons to buy a new build home, visit our Why buy new page or read our blog which dispels the myths of old vs new.

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