Our Values

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do and the passion our teams put into their daily work guarantees the high quality which Cala is known for. Respect is fundamental for us, whether it be employees, business partners, customers or communities and characterises the way we deliver, creating an inclusive work environment in which everyone can contribute their ideas. 

Our Objective

Our vision is to be a place to be proud of, which is about more than the homes we build, but about the communities we create and our workplaces. We strive to be an organisation nurturing growth, development and opportunities and to be a place our employees are proud to advocate for. We want to continue to be a leader in our industry and delight our customers, colleagues and the businesses and communities we work with, while our values serve as guiding principles in our daily work.

Our Leadership Style

We ask our leaders to convey the Cala values through their everyday actions and set an example to employees entrusted to them. We support our leaders to develop themselves and their teams and include employees in decision-making processes, operating an environment whereby communication between managers and employees is characterised by respect and trust.

Our Responsibility to Society

As a company, we have a social responsibility. Delivering, for us, goes far beyond the homes we build, and is part of Cala. It is inherent in our culture and integral to our day-to-day business operations, from the way we buy land, through community consultation, to how we design and build our homes and beyond.

What Inclusion & Diversity Means to Us

We are convinced that a diverse Cala team makes us a stronger and better company, which is why it’s a key part of our strategy and we set ourselves annual targets in this area. Everyone at Cala is treated with dignity and respect and we want people to feel able to come to work in a place where they feel comfortable, as themselves.

As we know, a diverse workforce provides different ideas and perspectives and can improve our decision-making, our products and services. We are constantly striving to create an inclusive work environment, in which everyone can uniquely contribute and do their best work. So what steps are we taking? 

As part of the recruitment journey we ask for you to provide us with some Equal Opportunities data, to allow us to monitor and analyse Diversity information provided by applicants, so that we can ensure that our recruitment practices are fair and transparent.

Our Approach to Flexible Working

Our people tell us that control of their time is one of the things they look for most. Also, we want our teams to enjoy a healthy work-life balance, so giving our people scope to make this work for them is a priority. We call this Smarter Working; which means while obviously some roles are less able to be done remotely, we encourage our leaders to “start with yes”, try to balance out business and personal needs and try to find the best solution for each individual. Smarter Working is about trusting our people to get the job done in a way best suited to their role and we are open to flexible working patterns, part-time jobs and job sharing.  

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