The East Calder Community Pledge

Here at Calderwood, we are proud to help and support the local community.

We are committed to bringing added value and meaningful benefit to the communities in which we build, not just through the homes we create, but by investing and enhancing in the very essence of what brings a local community together. We want to listen, take action and make a difference.

To reflect our commitment to our communities over the lifecycle of our developments, we have introduced our Community Pledge. Our Pledges bring together a host of bespoke measures for each local community including activities, donations, initiatives, volunteering drives and much more.

The Community Pledge goes above and beyond planning obligations, in fact it's an evolution of work we’ve been doing for many years within the communities in which we build, ensuring that we support the local areas and people who live there.

It’s our Pledge to you.

Find out more information on our Community Pledge in East Calder:

Our commitments to the community in East Calder

Scroll through the below to see what we will be doing in the community... with more to come over the next 4 years.

Read more about Cala's Community Pledge

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