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How does Part Exchange work?

Almost a third of our customers make use of our Part Exchange service. It gives you the certainty of a chain-free move and you won't have any estate agent fees. 

So how does it work? 

Part Exchange calculator

(up to £1,000,000)

Min £50K
Max £1M

Min 0%
Max 5%

(up to £10,000)

Min £0
Max £10K

Min £0
Max £2,000

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Home value:
Estate agent service fee (%):
Estate agent advertising fee (If applicable):
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*This calculator is provided for basic guidance only; CALA do not offer financial (or mortgage) advice. This calculator does not include VAT or fees which may be payable to your lender such as early repayment charges etc. You should take advice from an IFA before agreeing to a part exchange and/or new mortgage. This calculator does not include all the information you will need to apply for a new mortgage. This calculator does not constitute a part exchange quote. Estate agent advertising fee may include but is not limited to photography, printing of sales particulars and marketing activity.

Customer stories with Part Exchange

Hear from our customers about how Part Exchange helped them move

Terms & conditions and purchasing criteria

Terms & conditions 

Part Exchange will be considered subject to CALA’s purchasing criteria, terms and conditions. We have the right to refuse your application for the Part Exchange service but if this happens our Sales Advisor will be pleased to work with your selling agents, recommend alternative selling agents or help you with other suggestions about how to market your existing home to help you to find a quick sale.

To determine a fair price to offer for your existing home, CALA will obtain two independent valuations based on achieving a sale in a six week period. We will not base our offer on historic valuations or offers and our offer is valid for seven days only.

We will carry out a survey on your existing home after you accept an offer. The part exchange sale depends on the results of that survey. In the event that the survey reveals problems with your existing home we will talk to you to find a solution, however if we fail to agree terms, we will deduct any cost incurred by CALA for the survey and specialists reports when we return your reservation fee.

While your new home is being built you will have to allow us to market your home and arrange viewings by appointment, at reasonable times. You cannot use the service with any other incentives or purchase services unless we specifically agree you can at the time you reserve your home.

You agree not to instruct another agent during the period that your Part Exchange reservation is active and, if you have an existing contract with an agent, you agree you will dis-instruct that agent. CALA will not be liable for any related cancellation fees.

Purchasing criteria

Where a part exchange sale is being considered:

  • CALA will only accept part exchange in the absence of a cash purchaser
  • There must be sufficient differential between the value of your existing home and the CALA home and market demand/sales potential for us to consider part exchange
  • Geographically, CALA will only consider part exchange on a property that can be easily managed from a regional office location
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