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To compliment the new community that’s being created at Aylett’s Green, we have commissioned the renowned artist and sculptor Matthew Lane Sanderson to design a choice of sculptures paying homage to the area’s rich history.


Matthew Lane Sanderson (pictured)


Prior to the installation of the chosen artwork, we invited the community to take part in the initial design phase. Local people could vote for their preferred creative route out of three unique designs that Matthew created.

Matthew’s work takes inspiration from Kelvedon’s history as well as the archaeological dig which took place at the site prior to construction.


We are pleased to announce that the winning design is The Meeting Maple, receiving over 60% of the votes. We look forward to seeing the design come to life once it is installed at Aylett's Green.


The Meeting Maple

The natural surroundings of Kelvedon made it an attractive place to settle, dating right back to the pre-Roman British Celts, whose coins have been found locally. Trees were revered and some became natural focal points. ‘The Meeting Maple’ reflects this appreciation of trees, with its steel boughs forming a sheltering canopy over its seated gathering space and metal ‘flowers of life’ representing its foliage.

The three unique designs:

Pod of Peas

The rich soil of the local countryside has attracted farming and agriculture since ancient times and seeds like the popular ‘Kelvedon Wonder Pea’ helped make the town prosperous and famous in the Victorian era.

This ‘Pod of Peas’ design pays homage to that heritage. A series of human scale spherical steel ‘peas’ around an open space which can be used for meeting, seating or play.

The Three Broaches

Broach is an old spelling of brooch: Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni tribe, wore one into battle. The Roman Canonium Pendant, discovered at Kelvedon, takes the shape of a broach and inspired this design, consisting of three round metal sculptures.

The ‘Alder Broach’ celebrates trees and water, the ‘Map Broach’ lays out a plan of the town and the ‘Seed of Life Broach’ represents the fertility of the land. These three broaches will be 8 feet tall and you can walk amongst them.

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