Land to Sell

At CALA Homes we are committed to working closely with land owners, local authorities and communities throughout the country to create sustainable developments and environments in which people wish to live.

By offering tailored solutions that take into account the needs of land owners as well as local political, social and environmental factors, our land acquisition track record is second to none. Although we are a national company we also have a local perspective and offer bespoke development solutions that compete at the highest level on design, quality and value.


Maximise the potential of your land with CALA

Sell your land

Why Choose CALA?

Selling land can be stressful especially if the value depends on the success of planning consent. That's why it's essential to have an experienced team you can rely on. When you deal with CALA Homes, you have our wealth of resources, professionalism and expertise working for you.

  • Highly competitive land bids tailored to your requirements.
  • As a private company we react quickly and give prompt decisions.
  • We enjoy a proud history of working with vendors to maximise returns.
  • Successful track record in a difficult and ever-changing planning climate.
  • Achieve commercially viable planning consents.
  • Flexible approach to achieve design and technical solutions.
  • Excellent local knowledge sensitive to political and environmental concerns.