New Hall, Harlow

New Hall, Harlow, is one of the country's leading examples of contemporary residential development.

The project encompasses a total of almost 2,000 units and each phase represents cutting-edge technology with state of the art materials and building techniques being utilised for the first time in many instances. The project has received much publicity from the national press and has been visited by senior government officials who regard the development as a prime example of a high-quality and sustainable PPG3 development.

In addition to utilising MMC, our phase also leads in energy-efficiency measures and our achievements in this field were recognised when one of our housetypes was awarded the coveted "What House?" house of the year Gold award in November 2005.

Our development phase of 74 units has also obtained a "CABE" gold standard award. 

We are, however, equally adept at developing volume sites that utilise standard product, having only recently completely revamped our entire house range.

This Case Study illustrates:

  • CALA's ability and willingness to be entirely flexible and innovative in approach to design. 
  • CALA's ability to successfully produce a new product for a given environment. 
  • CALA's ability to welcome and master completely new development techniques.