Being able to simplify the process of moving house in any way possible can be a huge plus and we’re here to help with our purchase schemes if you’re looking to buy a new build home in the UK. 

Not sure which one is for you? We want to make the moving process as simple as possible, however the jargon associated with buying and selling properties can be confusing. In fact, in a recent survey, we found that 61% of people looking to buy a house admit to feeling confused. So we’ve summarised the similarities and differences between Part Exchange, Guaranteed Buyer and Assisted Move.

What is a purchase scheme?

A purchase scheme, or buying home scheme as it’s sometimes referred to, is a service offered by homebuilders that help buyers along the homebuying journey, which can make all the difference.

An advantage of our Cala purchase schemes is that they’ll help you sell and buy at the same time, whereas you may not be able to reserve a new build home in the UK without your current home on the market or until it’s been successfully sold.

Cala offers many incentives to help you make the move, but we’ve outlined three new build home services which will help make buying and selling possible. We’ve broken them down for and to make it even simpler, we’ve created a handy table to allow you to compare all three purchase schemes and help you discover the best service for you and your family to make the move.

Purchase scheme 1: Part Exchange

Our Part Exchange Service works when you have a property to sell and you’re looking to buy a new build home.

We purchase your existing property to allow you to move chain-free, freeing you of any risks or problems that come with being in a chain.

Benefits include:

  • No chain: Ensures a cash buyer with no chain, which can save a lot of stress and avoidance of others’ sales falling through or pulling out.
  • Move dates: Your moving dates will be the same which means you’ll move out and get the keys to your new property at the same time, so there’s no need for bridging loans or accommodation.
  • Money saving: You won’t need to pay estate agent fees, Home Report or survey costs to sell your current property.
  • Time savings: You’ll also save time with no chains. As soon is your new home is finished, you’ll be able to move in.
  • Up to market value: We offer up to 100% market value.
  • Free valuations: Valuations are free with no obligations.


Purchase scheme 2: Guaranteed Buyer

Guaranteed Buyer is similar to our Part Exchange service, except it allows you to put your existing property on the open market first, however you will have an offer from Cala to fall back on if you need it.

If you’d rather try to achieve an open market price on your current home, you’ll be able to do this with Guaranteed Buyer. If it doesn’t sell as easily or quickly as you had hoped, there’s a Cala offer in the background just in case.  

We’ll act as a cash buyer if you haven’t sold your home by the back-up date you agree with us to ensure you have the same legal completion date as your new Cala home.

Benefits include:

  • Guarantee: You can reserve your Cala home regardless of whether your current home has sold yet on the open market.
  • Back up offer: Gives you best of both worlds as you can put your home on the market with a backup just in case.
  • Money and time saving: Cost and time saving, similar to Part Exchange.


Purchase scheme 3: Assisted Move

With many homebuilders, you wouldn’t be able to reserve a new build home in the UK without your existing home being up for sale or even until you’ve had an offer.

With our Assisted Move service, you don’t have to wait for an offer on your on your existing property before reserving your dream Cala home.

We’ll be on hand to point you in the right direction and help market your home. We’ll supply you with our recommendations and if you choose to go with our recommended agents, we’ll cover the cost of your Home Report and estate agent fees.

Benefits include:

  • No waiting: You don’t have to wait for an offer on your existing home, it doesn’t even need to be on the market yet.
  • Expert advice: Receive expert advice on highly recommended estate agents and a price for your home.
  • Save on selling fees: We’ll pay your Home Report and agent fees (where applicable). It doesn’t matter whether your new home is more expensive or not.



So, are buying schemes worth it?

We hope this blog has guided you to make the right decision and help you purchase your new home with us.

Whether you use Part Exchange, Guaranteed Buyer or Assisted Move, our new build purchase schemes are here to help make it all possible.

If you’re looking for homes for sale in the UK, explore our developments for more information.

*These services may only available on selected Cala homes. Speak with our sales teams for more information.



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